"First Bite" An Accidental Vampire P.I. By Avery Daniels: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Life has become more complicated for Misty Indigo Summers, but she’s told there is a positive side: “...you’ll always look twenty-three…”

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Despite all her daily affirmations fostering strength, supporting good decisions, and wishing for the perfect man, Misty is still met with another bad date, cheap and all handsy. Although he’ll have a bruise or two in his manhood, it did leave her stranded in the seedy part of town. But, walking home…“Were those footsteps behind me?” The next conscious thing is finding herself home in her pajamas, wondering how she got there, and thinking her memories of last night just a nightmare. However, something is different. She feels sluggish, she’s lost her sense of taste, and she’s experiencing a serious sensitivity to light and heat. And with only her tuxedo cat Winston present, she’s hearing voices…“You smell different.”

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For the last six months, Misty has been working as a secretary for Jarod Hunter at My Private Sherlock Investigations, and arriving for the day’s work, she finds her boss in tears. He’s taking some time, maybe indefinitely, to sort out personal issues with his wife. Misty is told to go home, but instead starts sending out invoices, checking client contracts, and finding four outstanding cases: two of suspected infidelity and two missing persons inquires. Despite not having her own license or any real experience, she wonders how hard it would be to close these cases. While tailing one client’s husband, her physical discomfort worsens, she passes out, and finds herself in the company of Rowan Donovan and Leif Ragnarsson. Their story is downright shocking, and worse yet, they provide her with answers hard to believe…she’s a newly sired vampire!

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Misty has a hard time dealing with, if not believing, the new reality forced on her by an illegal attack and abandonment which she learns infuriates the Meta-Mundane Council and violates the rules. She is ensured support from the community, but the fact still remains…she is a vampire. The council arranges for a necessary food delivery and assigns a mentor, and agreeing to provide her “investigative talents,” unlicensed and unofficial as they are, to find the rogue vampire turning people, like herself, ensures approval to get assistance from the handsome dance instructor/witch Rowan who not only saved her life, but is also one with whom she feels a strong connection. Now, let’s close these cases!

Misty resolves the two suspected cheating cases leaving the clients satisfied with their closure, but the missing persons will require more effort. Charity Lundquist is a young child last seen leaving school, but the theory her abductor is close to home is hard to verify. The missing woman, Layla Adair, may also be difficult to solve. She gets some insights from her “human” bestie Courtney Prescott, but it’s tricky keeping her new traits secret. Misty may find herself out of her depths when a body is found, and although their association requires council approval, she and Rowan work well as a team. How long will that last?

New Favorite! For the first book in her Accidental Vampire P.I., Avery Daniels has created a fascinating world with a vast array of “meta” creatures thought mythical living side by side with clueless “mundane” humans including intriguing details about their behaviors, lifestyle, and the mandates monitored by the Meta-Mundane Council. The story is totally entertaining as Misty adjusts to her new life as a vampire and introduction to a very diverse community. She copes as well as she can with a “feisty” attitude, questioning long set rules, honing her own vampire traits often dispelling Hollywood and literary elements, and exploring an inter-meta friendship, albeit forbidden, with the handsome witch Rowan. I loved it! The cases were realistic for any P.I. firm to engage in with results that are satisfying, and the one murder mystery was complex with several interesting theories and clever in how it all unfolded to an arrest. The search for the rogue vampire had some surprising twists, and leads to making Misty an important member in this community. The paranormal elements are all realistically portrayed; no juvenile hocus-pocus here. I loved it! Well written, steady pace, descriptive, marvelous characters both good and bad, entertaining banter, and even some perilous predicaments have always been the hallmark of Daniels’ work, and the first-person narrative highlighting the inner thoughts of budding private detective and fledgling vampire Misty is very enjoyable. I loved it! Great beginning! Eager for more! 

What’s Next? “I am beginning work on Misty's 2nd adventure titled Second Chance.  I'm also hip deep in writing the 2nd Elizabeth Grant thriller as C.G. Abbot.”

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Avery Daniels is also the author of the Resort to Murder Mystery series following Julienne LaMere as event planner/assistant manager of an upscale Colorado resort. The series has been reimagined and rereleased HERE on Amazon. On her website, she explains, “…I have wanted to write since I was a teen. My first attempt was a rather syrupy “Old Yeller” tale involving an injured fawn and the young girl who nurses it back to health. I believe I was in High School at the time and had no proper creative writing training to guide me. I have come a long way baby since then.” Now, the Accidental Vampire P.I. offers an intriguing twist to the witch and vampire lore.

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Kathleen Costa is a long-time resident of the Central Valley, and although born in Idaho, she considers herself a “California Girl.” Graduating from CSU-Sacramento, she is a 35+ year veteran teacher having taught in grades 1-8 in schools from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Stockton to Lodi. Currently Kathleen is enjoying her retirement revitalizing hobbies along with exploring writing, reading for pleasure, and spending 24/7 with her husband.
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