"A Perilous Pal" A Friend for Hire Mystery by Laura Bradford: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Cynthia Chow

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After a little – ok a LOT – of nudging by her friend and first client Dottie Adler, Emma Westlake has set up a successful business being a for-hire professional friend. A former travel agent made obsolete by the growing use of online bookings, Emma has found that she is quite good at being a companion and the friend that her clients need. What newly separated Kim Felder needs is someone to bolster her self-esteem and self-worth, as her entire identity was centered on being a good wife and a good stay-at-home mother. She at least had enough gumption to read out to Emma after seeing her ad in the Sweet Falls Gazette, as without a friend or sympathetic ear Kim is at her wit’s end. Emma decides that Kim needs to make a bucket list of goals now that she’s free and single, and for Kim topping the dream list would be killing her husband in a multitude of creative ways. That is something Emma unfortunately shares with potential boyfriend Deputy Jack Riordan, who immediately uses that information when Roger Felder is found dead. While Kim was justifiably furious that her husband left her for the secretary who was about the same age as their marriage (30), the fact that she was therapeutically listing the ways she wanted to murder him also places her at the top of the suspect list.

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Emma feels similarly betrayed that Jack used their discussions to aid in his investigation, but it doesn’t help when she also disregards his own experience and professionalism. It’s a good thing that the very clients who hire Emma for motivation and counsel are able to do the same for her, and Emma is able to stop herself from completely blowing up their potential romance. Eighty-something Dottie is also able to use her age and general pushiness to help them look further into Roger Felder’s life and the men and women who had reason to want him dead. And if Emma can do a little matchmaking while investigating a PR firm and other suspects, all the better.

This is the second in the series by the author whose works include the Emergency Desert Squad Mystery series, the Amish Mystery series, and mysteries written under the name Elizabeth Casey. A few of those characters are referenced here, but it’s really Emma and her clients who take center state. 

What is compelling is how Emma has become troubled by the ethics of being a paid companion, as after meeting her clients they usually become people she would choose to be friends with for free. It’s Dottie who helps Emma to focus on how good she has become at being what her clients need at the time, be it a therapist, a workout buddy, or simply someone to listen. Emma’s protectiveness over her clients is what propels her in the investigation, which very realistically concludes mostly off-stage and by the professionals. This is an entertaining mystery centering around a unique professional who helps those struggling with relatable life challenges. The focus on support, friendship, and sympathy make this a lovely and optimistic murder mystery.

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