"Bidding for Revenge" By Victoria Tait: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Taking the Bitter With the Sweet

Twenty-something Dotty Sayers’ post-widow life is bittersweet. Losing her Army husband is tragic and being alone is scary, but for the first time, she is in full charge of her life, without a husband, without military support, and even without her parents. She had the good fortune to find employment with Akemans Antiques, meeting good people offering guidance and friendship and finding herself a nice cottage at Meadowbank Farm, yet just when it seems she’s moving forward with a “sweet” life, the “bitter” puts her in the middle of a murder investigations for which she is ill-prepared, yet surprisingly helpful, no matter her “Miss Meddlesome” moniker.

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Dotty is bonding well with her co-workers at Akemans Antiques, but agreeing to be part of the team in the charity triathlon is a challenge for which she’s having to train. She is, though, more confident entering a Victoria Sponge in the WI’s annual Fairford show. Even though she’s just a receptionist, Dotty has been taking on other responsibilities: assisting with auctions, managing estate items, and now, finding some period pieces (and a cat) for a new client, rock star Jay Newton. Her confidence gets a big boost with the trust Akemans has in her budding abilities, but is it more than she can handle?

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Bidding for Revenge Earns 5-/5 Auction Bids…Engaging, Clever Cozy Gem!

Dotty’s good friend and landlady, Aunt Beanie, retired from Akemans, a business she started with her brother, and went to work with the Glouchestershire’s Art and Antiques Unit. She later retired after her husband’s dementia diagnosis, but Chief Inspector Ringrose, a former colleague, convinced her to consult with the Rural, Heritage, and Wildlife Unit helping to close out some old cases. Recent reports, however, have come in about a well-organized antique scam in the area, so she invites Dotty to help check out Cirencester Auctioneers. Dotty might not find something for her rock star client, but getting introduced and making a few contacts along with a bit of snooping might be fun. However, everything collides…shadowy figures, curious comments, a stash uncovered, and…a dead body! Dotty can’t help but be curious, and with her friend Sergeant Keya Varma and a more receptive Sergeant Unwin, she just might find a killer.

SOLD! Victoria Tait’s fourth book in her Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery is a delightful mini tour of the Cotswold countryside: the different villages, the rural backroads, diverse flora and fauna, an aeroplane graveyard, and myths, monoliths, and mountains. But, it’s all the fascinating details about appraisals, auctions, and antiques, or not-so antiques, incorporated into the drama that make for an entertaining read and a favorite series. Illustrating the antiques trade as competitive, as cutthroat, as murderous is a perfect world in which to set her cozy. With characters showing up in curious places exhibiting contentious attitudes, suspicious comments, and threats seen and heard, it reveals fascinating motives, surprise suspects, clever conspiracies, and more peril Dotty has trouble avoiding. Love it! Don’t miss this cozy gem!

From a technical side, Victoria Tait’s writing style is one that captures my interest. Her sensory-laden language paints the setting and multi-generational characters and the banter supports their personalities and emotions. It’s much like a “coming of age” journey with Dotty breaking the boundaries set by her controlling family and authorities in her life and emerging as capable and strong. She has her lapses, like us all, but it is inspiring to watch. Beyond the mystery, this book and series checks all the boxes: favorite setting, a tight-knit group of diverse friends, and a multi-faceted female. Brilliant! A top contender for Best of 2022!

Dotty Sayers Antique Mysteries

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Gavels, Tinsel and Murder 11/4/22 Next book! Amazon Preorder HERE A charity ball. A dead guest. A stolen painting, Christmas is in serious jeopardy for Dotty and her friends.

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A military wife herself, and having been stationed all over the world, Victoria Tait brings a unique perspective to her work. In her Kenya Kanga Mystery series, a top 2021 favorite, she uses her experience with living in Kenya and interest in the flora and fauna to create an exciting cozy series with paraprofessional veterinarian “Mama Rose” Hardie, who gets entangled with conservation as well as many suspicious deaths. Check out Amazon for the complete Kenya Kanga Mystery series.

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