"The Floating Girls" A Novel By Lo Patrick: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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It’s “a place and a culprit.”

Bledsoe is a small community located on the Georgia coastline but absent a sandy beach or regular tourist trade. It is rich with a marshy thickness of flora and fauna made unbearable in the August heat and worse with a summer rain. It is plagued with a sense of isolation filled with struggling families preferring to keep to themselves to avoid any problems. Twelve-year-old Kay Whitaker lives there on Hack Road with her parents Clay and Sue-Bess and three older sibling: Peter, Sarah-Anne, and Freddy. Elizabeth, the last born, didn’t survive and is now buried under the shade tree prominent in the yard. Her mother is distant, chronically exhausted, and often anxious with the constant check-ins by the “state.” Her father is abrupt, frequently unemployed, and quick to physical punishment. It is limited as a home, but home nonetheless. It’s a backwater place ripe for shrouding secrets, masking motives, and concealing crimes.

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“Trouble comes looking for you if you’re not careful.

It finds just as easily as it’s found.” —The Floating Girls

Kay Whitaker knows well the marsh area around her home with trees that grow out of the water, animals to avoid, and neighbors nearby, yet she’s startled to come upon a stranger not far from her home. Andy Webber appears her age and lives with his father, doesn’t go to school, and recently returned to Bledsoe after living in California. When asked about his mother, he says she drowned when he was a toddler, an incident some rumored was not an accident. Kay is smitten, yet angered when met with disbelief from her siblings and a demand from her father to stay away from the boy. Her curiosity is piqued when she overhears her parent’s conversation, “So, they’re back?” Kay is not one to be deterred, so she continues to see Andy, even if she needs to sneak out. But, her sister Sarah-Anne goes missing and the police make a shocking arrest.

Brilliant! Lo Patrick has penned an intense first-person narrative with several mysteries to grab my attention: young Andy’s mother’s death years prior, the unexplained behaviors of Kay’s mother and her sister, and her sister’s disappearance. It is rich in a true sense of the south with its real poverty and an understanding of the marsh using all the senses as experienced through young Kay perspective. Although she is twelve with budding puberty, the story is written with a real intelligence and insightful perspective focusing on a naiveté, an anger, a frustration, and a deep desire that would appeal to any age reader. The family dynamic has Kay often fending for herself, dodging the criticism of her dad and brothers, and struggling with the upheaval in her life. making her independent, opinionated, stubborn, and isolated from the family. No real spikes on the excitement meter, but a brilliant character-driven story I could put down!

Book Club Worthy! The author has included a Reading Group Guide, a series of thought-provoking questions that would make for a great book club discussion along with A Conversation with the Author with a fascinating look into inspirations and technique.

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Lo Patrick lives in Georgia which gives her a unique connection to the environment and the soul of the southern culture.

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