Rattie Ratz Rescue: Happy Updates

by Stephanie D’Agostino

Steph D’Agostino is a Rattie Ratz Rescue social media volunteer who loves hosting live educational events for the rescue and sharing cute pics of the rescue rats.

As a volunteer for Rattie Ratz Rescue, one of my favorite things is hearing reports from the adopters after they’ve taken their new companions safely home. Everyone loves a happy update. Some of the rats in our care have had a very difficult start to life. Maybe they weren’t treated with kindness, or maybe they just didn’t have a chance to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. Seeing the adopted rats in their forever homes, playing on free roam, cuddling with their humans, or just napping in a hammock is the best!

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Reformed Bad Boy

Justin aka Finn in his new home
Justin is a rat who waited a long time for his special person to find him. Justin came to us as “rat aggressive” and very skittish. He was surrendered for fighting with another rat and was placed as a lone rat in one of our experienced foster homes, with volunteer Kim. Rattie Ratz arranged for Justin to be neutered, and he had a successful surgery at Roseville Petcare.  

It can take up to 6 weeks for the testosterone to diminish after rats are neutered. Justin’s volunteer Kim continued to work with him on handling, petting, and getting used to being spoiled! Justin calmed down as the weeks past. He was still jumpy at loud noises but became curious and enjoyed exploring.

As much as Kim loved spending time with Justin, he was a lone rat, and she knew he needed a forever home with a friend.

Abriana is an experienced adopter who had adopted three rats with Rattie Ratz. Abriana expressed an interest in Justin, and it was the perfect match. It took almost a year, but the reformed bad boy found his forever home.

Justin’s name is now Finn, and he finally has a rat friend, another boy rat named Wimbley. It seems his tough days are behind him. Abriana says, “He’s such a sweetheart!”

Four’s Company

Purl, Cocoa, Mavis, and Flower
Kayla is another repeat adopter who found the perfect companions, this time four of them. Kayla had previously adopted two female rats, Pinky and Dot, in 2020. They were very loved, and when they passed away from old age, Kayla was ready to adopt again.

Purl, Cocoa, Mavis, and Flower are four female rats that came from litters born in Rattie Ratz foster homes. They were featured at one of our adoption events at Pet Food Express, and it was love at first sight.

Kayla describes the girls as follows: “Purl (short gray/half naked goblin), Cocoa (Berkshire), Mavis (chunky orca baby), and Flower (white chin orca baby) have been wonderful to have since we got them earlier this spring. They are such great girls, so friendly and outgoing. We love them so much!”

No Nuts, No Problems

Summer adopted two boy rats at the end of last year, and when one passed away, leaving his friend Onion Ring alone, Summer knew it was time to adopt more. This time it was three baby boys, each with a different color (Stede, a beige rex; Cream of Wheat, a Himalayan; and Lucius, an agouti).

Cream of Wheat, Stede, Onion Ring, and Lucius
 As the boys grew into teens and young adults, it became clear that hormones were a problem for two of the boys, Stede and Cream of Wheat. Most male rats get along fine through their “hormonal teen phase,” but some rats have higher than typical testosterone, leading to aggression and bullying.

Some rat owners may choose to just separate the rats and leave the hormonal one in a cage alone, with no chance to interact with other rats. However, rats are social creatures whose wild ancestors naturally live together in big colonies. In truth, for the vast majority of cases, a lone rat is a stressed rat. Luckily for the boys, Summer decided to have the two neutered instead of committing them to a life of solitude.

Summer took Stede and Cream of Wheat to a rat-friendly veterinary hospital, Exotic Pet Clinic in Santa Cruz. Summer says, “It’s all worked out now, but it was pretty stressful for the boys and me for a while. They did pretty well with their neuters and healed up pretty easy. We were able to reintroduce everyone, and now they’re as close as can be.”

Stede the teddy bear
All four boys are living happily in their forever home together. Summer shares, “They live a good life of snuggles, snacks, and play time, and are generally adored by everyone who sees them. Stede is the crowd favorite, he’s so friendly, so soft, and looks like a teddy bear. Onion ring is a good big brother and peacekeeper to them all. Lucius is a bit shy but adventurous. Cream of Wheat is super awkward and snuggly.

“They are all just such good guys and bring so much joy to my life.”

If you would like to know more about Rattie Ratz Rescue or find out about upcoming information/adoption events, please visit our Facebook or Instagram. If you are interested in adoptable rats or volunteering for Rattie Ratz Rescue, visit their website at www.rattieratz.com

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