"A Dozen Days of Death" Helen Binney Holiday Novella By Gin Jones: Review/Giveaway 

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Helen Binney is the ex-wife of a former governor, and although she is living with the challenges of a lupus diagnosis, she is very active, and not really what she was going for, is known by some for her success channeling Miss Marple or in some cases Nancy Drew, depending on the age of the fan. Helen has often found herself “wrong place, wrong time” mayhem or on the receiving end of a desperate plea for help. Helen doesn’t let her disability hamper her determination although she has found herself in some personal, if not life-threatening, predicaments. This has led to conflicts with her ex-lawyer boyfriend Ambrose Tate, better known as just “Tate,” who has her best interest at heart. However, nothing stops Helen…not her cane, slow speed, or a killer intentions!

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A Dozen Days of Death
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It’s Christmas, and everyone at the Wharton Nursing Home is busy knitting and crocheting items for their Charity Caps program, including Helen whose budding talents are functional. However, one of their own, Lucy Cho, has been the victim of a theft. The lapghans she’d been working on for months as Christmas gifts for friends are missing. She didn’t want any fuss and Helen worries Lucy’s memory issues may be a factor, but as much as the other residents are stepping up to replace the missing gifts, they want Helen to investigate.

On an additional holiday note, residents are complaining about the nursing home admins’ decision to not have a huge Christmas tree: it blocked the lovely views of the wintery grounds. Instead, a young sculptor create a “metaphorical” tree. It doesn’t even look like a tree, several grumble, but each day when he arrives with a new ornament, they learn, however obscure, it’s in line with the “Twelve Days [Before] Christmas” theme. But, the sculptor is furious when he discovers his ornaments have also gone missing. Baaah Humbug!

Holiday Fun! Gin Jones has penned a delightfully fun Christmas novella with a bit of ‘humbug.” Christmas gifts and, albeit odd, decorations have gone missing. Helen isn’t too worried about interfering with a police investigation since the thefts have yet to be reported, but she is on a time crunch to get answers. Who’s the Grinch? Resident? Staff? Family? Or is an aging memory the culprit? Interrogating key suspects whether friendly or by appointment reveals several interesting issues, a variety of dynamics between the residents and those in charge, some endearing motivations, politics, and underlying discontent. No bodies in a refreshing twist, but still keeping up the suspense, the final reveal was a perilous moment, yet realistic and well-founded in the clues, and Christmas ultimately was saved…no spoiler, it’s a cozy that ends…cozy!

Many cozy mystery authors have characters dealing with personal problems from divorces to unemployment to tragic deaths, but Gin Jones adds to the life of her lead a unique physical challenge…she has lupus. The character’s limitations are respectfully portrayed highlighting strength and independence rather than pity or activism, but she does address the occasional resentment of those who don’t have to think about the restrictions in daily life. Helen is, though, a spunky middle-aged woman enjoying a full life! I love it!

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