"It’s a Nerd! Witch is Slain!" By Amy McNulty: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Lots of Magic and a Bit of Murder!

After her divorce from non-magical Greg Taylor and failed near decade attempt to live in the human world, “just turned forty” Nimue Toothaker returned to Cauldron Cove, a magical community founded by her grandmother. Her daughter Willow went off to a human college, and Nimue went to work with her mother Bernadette creating unique, magical conventions and trade shows enjoyed by humans, witches, and warlocks alike. Her mother’s announcement she was walking away from the business and leaving Witchy Expo Service in Nimue’s hands was unexpected, but the surprise was Nimue will not do it alone. The new co-director will be Soren/Ren Southern, whose accidental dual personality is a plus and a minus to their partnership. The first big convention on which they collaborated had ended with a murder. They have high hopes it was just a glitch and are eager for success with the next event … famous last words?

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It’s a Nerd! Witch is Slain!
Earns 5/5 Flowing Capes…Entertaining Gem!

Case Two: Comic Hero Con The newest event causing all the buzz at Witchy Expo Service is the annual Comic Hero Con sponsored by the Comic Enthusiast Society. One of the biggest draws is the appearance of Superstellar-Man and non-magical Maverick Vanedestine, the star of the Stellar Comics Extended Universe movie. Crowds are expected to be huge including some fans described as “obsessed.” They follow Vanedestine religiously: his career, private life, and every public appearance. However, Nimue learns that despite working with a few magical people on his films, he doesn’t “do well” around witches, in fact, he’s terrified of them. So, why did he agree to participate?

“Code Red!” Mia Estrada, the new head of the Comic Enthusiast Society, demands a particularly magical booth at the convention be changed. Nimue is able to avoid this obstacle, but is there more? She’s called to deal with the star of the event who is found writhing on the floor in fear. Nimue’s experience with humans is a plus to avoiding a huge meltdown, but will Maverick be able to stave off future panic attacks? It’s the dead body, however, that is unavoidable. With humans and witches roaming the area, will the investigation ruin the event and send the community into peril?

Magically Terrific! Amy McNulty has created a fascinating magical environment adding unique elements to the mythology of witches and warlocks and overlapping and blending the human and magical worlds in a realistic manner. It is not a secret or hidden world since humans can enjoy, if not covet, the special magic and varied familiars from cute and cuddly to odd and colorful to Nimue’s unique dragon. It does offer interesting opportunities for cohabitation, collaboration, and conflict. The victim, albeit a surprise, was the perfect catalyst to bring to light inherent differences between the two worlds along with strogaphobia, the doings of a criminal organization, and some shocking connections and hidden identities. It was a complicated tale with a large cast of human, magical characters with all the different familiars, and lots of spell casting, but it was easy to follow once the core group is identified and the witchy world is understood. Nimue is a delightful character to follow, determined and capable, with knowledge of both worlds that help blend the two communities together. Gowdie, Nimue’s familiar dragon, is a clever sidekick using a telepathic link to communicate with Nimue offering her important insights, helpful advice, and “just in the nick of time” support. I enjoy a bit of romantic tension or healthy romance in my cozy and there is some inklings, but I’d like more. Fun!

Author Post: Amy joined KRL with a guest author post, The Coziness of Spooky (Not Scary) Reads This Halloween, offering insights into the cozy paranormal mystery genre.

Witchy Expo Services Mystery

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It’s a Nerd! Witch is Slain! (2022)

Home is my Zapping Place (2023) Case Three: Home Adornment Expo—The Witchy Expo Service will be putting on a Trade Show for home decor, Nimue will be hosting her entire family, along with the ex and his new wife, for the holidays, her own love life is still in the “should I or shouldn’t I” phase, and a dangerous incident again threatens Cauldron Cove. Can’t wait!

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Along with this new cozy Witchy Expo Series, Amy McNulty has penned two other series both with their own magic: the five-book cozy mystery A Spooky Games Club Mystery series and the young adult five-book series Blood, Bloom, & Water. Check out the Amazon links.

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