"Double Dose" By Gretchen Archer: Review/Giveaway

Review by Cynthia Chow

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By nine o’clock in the morning on a Friday in June, Bellissimo casino operative Davis Way Cole would have already put out a dozen of metaphorical, and occasionally literal, fires while also preventing her twin daughters from getting kicked out of their elite preschool. While the blatant briberies of a new library, playground equipment, theater drapes, and refurbished soccer fields have been enough to keep the precocious and creatively manipulative Bexley and Quinn enrolled in the Willow Academy for Exceptional children, Davis’s phone blowing up again with texts is rather alarming. While their taking birth control pills to show-and-tell is undoubtedly an emergency, Davis’s attention is quickly diverted towards a hiccup breakout in the casino. Over five hundred gamblers uncontrollably hiccupping is a cause for concern, but far more alarming is the Bellissimo’s surveillance team suddenly all falling asleep. As Davis attempts to lockdown the customers with the bribe of free gambling, she and her Amazonian investigative partner Fantasy Erb must determine the cause of the chaos and whether it is linked to the unexpected booking of a pharmaceutical conference.

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While her husband Bradley, Bellissimo’s President and CEO, is away meeting with the Mississippi Gaming Commission, Davis is in charge of dealing with the physical and legal havoc resulting from the new casino being built next door. A destroyed pool, blatant sabotage, and now an unhelpful halter-wearing mediator all seemed designed to cause Davis’s stress level to skyrocket. Her mother’s near-incomprehensible texts, which Davis has learned to decipher despite her mother’s inability to type, indicate that all is not well back home in Pine Apple, Alabama. Apparently Davis’s mother has left her father and is on her way to Biloxi to stay in the Bellissimo. That Davis’s mother is unprepared to handle the twins and the energetic dogs Cotton and Candy doesn’t seem to be a factor, nor is the fact that Davis has her hands full with a corrupt mayor, incompetent police chief, and a crime lord’s casino next door. And that’s still not taking into account Davis’s other occasional sideline as being the body double for her lookalike Bianca, the casino owner’s wife whose demands for once seem sane compared to the rest of the out-of-control staff and clients.

This seventh in the series starts off in high gear and doesn’t slow down as it continually escalates the chaos no matter how many disasters Davis manages to prevent. The humor never lets up either, with Davis’s dry observations increasing as she is bombarded with new emergencies. With her usual partners No Hair and the distracted Baylor mostly out of commission, it’s up to Davis and Fantasy to save the Casino and their families. New readers to this series will need a minute to catch up on all of the players in this game, but longtime fans will delight in this action-filled, extremely funny new entry in the series. Larceny, greed, and good-old-fashioned-gangsters make this a winning read for those looking for a fun and very entertaining escape.

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