Fresno Bully Rescue: Are You Ready?

By Terese Shaw

Fresno Bully Rescue shares their animal rescue adventures with us every other month. You can find more of their columns here and on KRL.

As the new year begins, we just want to share that FBR ended 2022 with 159 adoptions! One hundred and fifty-nine FBR dogs that get to wake up loved and happy, in a home full of snacks, naps, and a security knowing this is their forever!  

Think this might be your year? You're at the time in your life that adding the newest member is now and you're ready to adopt. What do you need to know before getting a dog could be difficult, right? Do you just head to a shelter and bring home a puppy or a dog and live happily ever after? Let's try and make sure that you're ready and prepared.

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Dogs are social animals they want to be with you, that doesn't mean 24/7, but it does mean you'll have to have a plan in place for walks feeding and playtime. Vacations can get a little more complicated, and so can nights out, and if you have kids, you have to consider the amount of time you'll spend away for practices and extracurricular activities. Your new dog won't want to be left at home alone all day and night. If you do, he will self-entertain … and trust me, you don't want that. Another important consideration is, can you afford a pet? Here's a short list of some costs involved in owning a dog, toys, food, annual checkups and vaccines, monthly medications, and grooming. 

The most important questions you can ask is, how patient are you? Shelter dogs need between two to three months to adjust to a new home. Some dogs have had a terrible life before being adopted and will require a lot of love and patience. Coming into a new home, with a new family, can be very overwhelming. But, once they settle in and feel more comfortable and realize this is their forever home, they will begin to feel more comfortable. Dogs are not perfect, and at times there are issues that are above and beyond our knowledge. Would you be ready to seek a professional help if needed? 

I know they seem like serious questions, but deciding to adopt and care for a pet is a ten or more-year commitment. You will mean everything to your dog, you will be their entire world, and making sure that you're ready is the highest priority. 

I want to share a few of our residents that seem to be regularly overlooked. The first being a petite girl by the name of Blue. She is dog social, very smart, and already knows her basic obedience. She would be best with kids over five, and if you need a running partner, she would be perfect. She's 100% house-trained and is extremely affectionate.

Nelly is second on the list. She has been amazing in play groups and is sweet and happy. She would need kids again over the toddler stage; quick moving smaller kids seem to make her a little nervous. She would do well with a male dog, a family that's wanting to be loved and snuggled, and a bonus is that she is house-trained. 

Gary rounds the list out as number three. I believe Gary gets overlooked due to him being eight years old and the senior. This boy is perfect in a home, loves kids, and does well with other dogs, too. The only negative check next to Gary is he does not like cats and he doesn't do stairs. He will literally sit with you all day and give you all the love and affection that you could ever imagine. 


Fresno Bully Rescue generally houses around thirty-five dogs, maybe one will find its way into your home in 2023. If you're ready to adopt you can always visit our website,, and if you mention the Kings River article and that you read about Blue, Nellie, or Gary, $20 will be taken off the fee.

Thank you to all our adopters, volunteers, donators, event venues, and everyone that visited our shelter and was part of our rescue in the year 2022.

Fresno Bully Rescue
11740 E Belmont Ave, Sanger, CA 93657
Phone: (559) 276-7611

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