"Six Sweets Under" By Sarah Fox: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Chocolate-Coated Mystery

Rebecca Ramson was part of a successful television show in Hollywood, but then a surprise cancellation and a ruptured appendix had her deciding she preferred to return home to Larch Haven, Vermont. She’d worked at her grandparents’ chocolate shop since she was ten years old, and after qualifying as a chocolatier and her Pops and Lolly essentially being retired, True Confections was put into her hands. Her cousin Angie worked the business side, and Becca did her magic creating unique combinations of flavors for delightful chocolate treats. Her parents may live in Florida, now, but she has an older brother Gareth to keep a protective eye on her, his husband Blake as a tender ear, best friend and local librarian Desiree Bautista to join in on any scheme, and two furry felines, Binx and Truffles, she adopted from the local animal shelter are the perfect roommates. She has a long-distance boyfriend, Justin, whom she connected with in L.A., and is excited about him coming to visit. Maybe he’ll find Larch Haven as wonderful as she does. 

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Six Sweets Under
Earns 5/5 Truffle Treats…Clever & Engaging!

Larch Haven is a popular tourist destination with its canals and gondolas resembling Venice and quaint cottages and shops reminiscent of an English village, and every summer tourists flock to town for its annual Gondola Races. It’s a big boon to the town and its economy, and everyone’s in, except the town’s curmudgeon … Archie Smith. He was against the races and restoring a damaged trail near his land, and even challenged his neighbors about their shed encroaching on his property, and he was not against a bit of sabotage. Becca’s Pops points that out and Archie takes serious exception to the accusation; the two nearly come to blows with Becca almost collateral damage. That public altercation, of course, will be hard to dismiss when later Archie is found dead. It’s difficult enough for the residents to be dealing with a “never-happens-here” murder, but it’s also the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of seventeen-year-old Lexi Derendorf … no clues, no witnesses, no body. It may be a small town, but it seems they have some big city problems.

SWEEEET! Sarah Fox has spun together an engaging first in her True Confections Mystery series set in a quaint town with a karmic murder and a missing persons cold case. Larch Haven may be small with residents knowing everything about each other, and with the victim being so vocal about his opposition to all activities meant to attract visitors, it’s a complicated endeavor for Becca to weed through a long list of suspect, including her Pops, and keep herself out of harm’s way. What started out as a simple murder turned more complex with the victim’s estranged daughter, disgruntled neighbors, aggrieved townspeople, and possible victims of the victim’s secret activities, but Becca herself is dealing with a mystery figure in the shadows ... Fan? Snoop? Killer? The decades-old missing person’s case began as a peripheral incident, but slowly as connections are revealed, the story took on a sinister element keeping me turning the pages. I resisted fast forwarding to the end to find the killer’s identity, opting instead to enjoy the journey, the intensity, the surprise ending!

Along with small town life, gondola races, chocolate talk, stories from the Gossip Grannies, and interactions with friends and family, romance is always a delightful element. For that, Becca does have her hot shot entertainment lawyer as the front runner, but can the city mouse really enjoy the country? There is her childhood friend Officer Sawyer Maguire who already is acclimated to the country, but can that spark be kindled when Becca keeps interfering with an ongoing investigation?

Truly Scrumptious! Sarah knows how to treat her fans. She’s added two easy to follow recipes from True Confections best treats menu: Mint Melty Truffles and Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles. Yum!

True Confections Mystery series

Six Sweets Under (February, 2023)

Baking Spirits Bright (October, 2023)

Enjoy a sneak peek at the end of the book — A holiday baking competition turns deadly when one of the entrants is found dead, and Becca is determined to solve the case.

Be a Big Sarah Fox Fan!

USA Today bestselling author Sarah Fox pens several popular series. She has the Pancake House Mystery series with Marley McKinney-Collins, owner of the Flip Side pancake house, serving flapjacks, friendship, and felonies. There’s also her Music Lover’s Mystery has violinist Midori Bishop living her dream with the Point Grey Philharmonic trying to avoid the sour note of murder. She also writes the Literary Pub Mystery about book lover Sadie Coleman who transforms an old Vermont pub into The Inkwell, a spot to enjoy literary-themed cocktails, a book, and murder.

Facebook – Author Sarah Fox

Website - Cozy Crime with a Foxy Flair

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