"The Blow Up" By James Barry: Review/Giveaway

Review by Claire A. Murray

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Defense attorney Caron Mooney is prepping a definitely guilty client, Jefrey with one f, for trial when she learns her husband Jason has been killed. The story then unfolds like a jigsaw puzzle with 1,000 pieces that hide the one piece you need to complete a portion of the picture.

A gas explosion … Jason in someone else’s house … naked in front of the fireplace … with another woman … Emma Shipman … and the gas line was cut.

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We follow Caron’s steps of grieving, remembering, and continuing embezzler Jefrey‘s trial preparation. Unexpectedly, Emma Shipman’s husband Neil, the prime suspect who’s on video at the house minutes before the explosion, asks her to defend him. She agrees.

Stories within a story follow, small pictures that only together complete the puzzle. We’re in the Hamptons where wealth and privilege play with rules. We’re in Caron’s past and her attempts to quash the memories of her younger brother Daniel’s suicide at an early age. Caron’s Catholic upbringing haunts her throughout, as she sorts through the wreckage of a marriage where she missed the clues about her husband’s affair.

Caron might be able to convince a jury that the embezzler had planned to return the money he stole, but can she convince a different jury that Emma’s jealous, violent, ex-husband Neil did not cut that gas line? We hang on, wondering where the investigation and her defense will go next.

The Blow Up is like a carousel ride peppered with references and images that clash between the privilege of the Hamptons’ crowd against Caron’s guilt-ridden Catholic upbringing and memories. Barry deftly brings it to a conclusion, but only after the images blur our vision before slowing to an end.

Disclaimer: I received an advance reader copy (ARC) from the publisher to review the book. My review was not influenced by receiving the ARC.

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