"Home Is Where the Murder Is" By Rosalie Spielman: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Retired & Ready to…Rumble!

Teresa Treslow is a great mechanic having learned her skill courtesy of her Aunt Edna, her mother’s younger sister, and mastered it after more than twenty years as an officer in the U.S. Army’s Ordnance Corp. Now, she’s in her forties, retired, and ready for the next chapter in her life. But first, before heading off to parts unknown, she and her boxer, Vince, returned home to New Oslo, Idaho, to visit her family, including her sister Tru and teenage niece Summer, and her BFF and deputy sheriff Petunia “Freddie” Frederickson. It didn’t, however, go as planned since her Aunt became the prime suspect in the murder of a local shyster, but she did find a renewed passion, and with her “acquitted of all charges” Aunt, a veteran herself, they’ve become business partners: BOSS, Band of Sisters Service. The two “SheChanics” will provide top notch mechanic work and restoration services although rebuilding their shop is top of their “To Do” list. Home, as Tessa’s discovered, is where her heart is, and hopefully murder is well behind her and her family.

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Home Is Where the Murder Is
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“Everyone has a past, remember?” — Nick Hunt

Teresa is always ready to help the community, especially when it benefits her favorite veteran support group, so for New Oslo’s Pioneer Day celebration, she organized a 5k and 10k “FUNdraiser.” Although she did regret participating in the run, it and the rest of the events were a big success. But, it seems the day wasn’t without its conflict. A woman, a stranger to many in the town, revealed she is the biological granddaughter of Boyd Nicholas Frederickson from a wartime liaison with a French nurse. Freddie is furious, calling the woman a liar, and adamant that her Papa Boyd would never have cheated, but the woman, Wendy Grove, stands by her claim, even adding a shove to punctuate her determination, but who inherits Papa Boyd’s property is now in question. Until … the woman’s body is found and Freddie nearby: “I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it!”

Hometown Hit! Rosalie Spielman has added a second engaging cozy to Hometown Mysteries with a surprise paternity claim, a challenged will, a friend in distress, a young woman whose identity is curious, and a murder. When a family claim from a wartime hook-up threatens the easy disposition of Papa Boyd’s will, it seems Freddie has the most compelling motive along with opportunity (a meeting request) and means (her multi-tool) which makes her the prime suspect. However, details uncovered, or leaked with friendly intentions, reveal shocking identities and unexpected connections … I literally gasped multiple times! The final arrest was not without its perilous moments and lots of finger pointing; definitely a nail-biter. I enjoyed the military aspect with Tessa’s physical therapy, mental health visits, and her tragic experiences and emotional survival along with many veterans in the community. I was entertained by Tessa’s multi-generational partnership with her aunt and very eager niece with online searches, old photographs, remnants of an old Triple-C (Civilian Conservation Corp.) site, and a tale decades long past. All makes for an excellent read, and high on my list for 2023 honors.

Romance is a nice component for which I find necessary in my cozy mysteries, and if the relationships have a rough road, it’s added drama. Tessa is slowly moving on from the death of her fiancé in Iraq, but the loss effects her willingness to eagerly engage another. Nick Hunt, with his own post-military issues, is a strong candidate, but oddly Tessa senses he’s cooled off, and although recent revelations may explain some of that, they have greatly complicated their relationship. There is the former high school boyfriend, now, Sheriff Joe Eriksson, and although he may be an outlier in the situation, he could still be in the mix. So much to build on, unless murder gets in the way! 

Personal Point of Order…Shout out to a fellow “spud”! It was a real hoot to have the story set close to Moscow, Idaho, where my father graduated from the University, there, and I greeted the world. My family mostly spent time in and around Boise, but we also kept an eye on the Vandals football team of which my dad had once been a part. And Vince? A boxer? Our family had a faun boxer named Casey…the love of our lives!

A Hometown Mysteries

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Home Is Where the Murder Is (2023)

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Rosalie Spielman is an army veteran, herself, and “Somewhere along the way, I discovered that I could make other people laugh with my writing. I enjoy reading to escape from the real world, and hope to give you the same with my stories.” She is one of the several authors writing in the Aloha Lagoon Mystery series for which both have been reviewed; Death Under the Sea and Death on a Cliff follow the escapades of former socialite Kiki Hepburn working in the resort’s dive shop. Fun!

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Kathleen Costa is a long-time resident of the Central Valley, and although born in Idaho, she considers herself a “California Girl.” Graduating from CSU-Sacramento, she is a 35+ year veteran teacher having taught in grades 1-8 in schools from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Stockton to Lodi. Currently Kathleen is enjoying her retirement revitalizing hobbies along with exploring writing, reading for pleasure, and spending 24/7 with her husband.
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