"Method Actor Murder" By Leslie Langtry: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa    

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It seems a lifetime ago when Merry Wrath was embedded in several terrorist groups around the world as an undercover CIA operative and barely escaping after being outed by the Vice President. Now, seven years later, she’s a role model for a group of precocious preteens in a small town in Iowa. Unfortunately, she’s discovered wrangling this troop of Girl Scouts has been more dangerous than an angry Chechen bent on revenge. They are a resourceful bunch, though, and have come to Merry’s rescue more than a few times when her past has caught up with her. However challenging it is to corral them, she has help with co-leader/BFF Kelly Albers along with her husband Detective Rex Ferguson. From the dangers of a CIA career to the dangers of a Troop leader … she’s prepared for a life of surprises!

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Method Actor Murder
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 "If you're looking for normal, you're in the wrong place.”—Merry Wrath, Method Actor Murder

Ok, you need to suspend disbelief that a twelve-year-old Girl Scout could be elected mayor of a small midwestern town, but if the by-laws aren’t specific enough, well, guess what? Welcome, Mayor Ava! She has been doing good things for the residents of Who’s There, Iowa, like getting Ophelia and her husband Dante to renovate Ye Olde Opera House and then getting them to agree to produce the play, Derek, the Sparkly Unicorn Ninja. Well, she’s definitely formidable. Besides there seems to be a need for more local “creative outlets” evidenced by the whole town showing up for the auditions.

Ophelia, a far off Broadway director (actually in Peoria), and her husband Dante, known for immersing himself into a role as a student of the method acting, are far from your normal theater personalities. Case in point: over-the-top wardrobe, exaggerated manner, and pet pig Iago. But, who’s to complain with the type of quirky neighbors living in Who’s There which includes reformed hoodlums, a drug lord, pregnant taxidermists, a cult of teenage druids, and a full-of-himself wannabe from a neighboring town. Merry and Kelly have been roped into being stage manager and assistant which puts them “center stage” when the “Method Actor” ends up dead. But, who will mourn his passing: his wife, his pet pig, or any one of the “rumored” other women?

Curtain’s Up! Leslie Langtry has added some entertaining theatrical shenanigans to the regular “irregular” mischief in this twenty-fifth adventure in Merry Wrath Mysteries. The town is all excited about the production penned by Betty under a pseudonym, which is unique, acrobatic, and full of ninjas. But, “Evil Boy Scout” Dante’s extra-curricular relationships just may have been his final performance. Merry’s investigation, of course, is not so straight forward, as is with anything in Who’s There. With a whole cast of suspects and some surprising motives, the entertainment comes fast and furious with Betty’s antics, official intervention, and more than a few perilous moments. Langtry’s writing is always engaging with its descriptive language, fascinating story, diverse, if not quirky characters of varying ages, and fun snarky retorts. Couldn’t put it down!

Amazon Preorder Alert! FishingBadge Murder: A Merry Wrath Mysteries Novella A flashback adventure. “Merry Wrath has been out of the CIA for two years when she decides to take her precocious Girl Scout troop fishing. Merry expects the biggest trauma she’ll deal with is getting the girls to put worms on hooks. Turns out that’s the least of her problems, when a man is shot dead not far from their fishing hole.”

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USA Today bestselling author Leslie Langtry pens one of my favorite series: Merry Wrath Mystery series. She also writes the very entertaining Bombay Assassins Greatest Hits Mystery and is one of the contributing authors in GHP’s Aloha Lagoon Mystery with two marvelous books: Ukulele Murder and Ukulele Deadly. Something for every cozy taste! 

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