Limited Release! "Mystic Wedding Bell Blues" By Sally J. Smith & Jean Steffens: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

Gemma Halliday Publishing is doing a “limited” release of some of their fun novellas originally part of the “Pushing Up Daisies” collection (now out of print). The next up is the novella MysticWedding Bell Blues from the Mystic Isle Mystery series by the writing duo Sally Smith and Jean Steffens. It is available on Amazon only from March 28 to May 31 for the low price of 99¢ … or better yet, enter to win an eCopy by making a comment below about one of your favorite wedding memories: (1) the planning, (2) the ceremony, or (3) the honeymoon.There is also a link below and another way to enter.

It’s only a short ferry ride from the Big Easy across Ol’ Man River to The Mansion on Mystic Isle where guests passionate about the paranormal, supernatural, and all things just plain creepy can lounge and enjoy a quirky cast of paranormal performers and entertainers. Along with Mambo the voodoo priestess, Stella by Starlight the astrologer, Aurelia the aura reader, the Great Fabrizio medium extraordinaire, Catalina the tarot card reader, there’s our hero, Melanie Hamilton, the resident tattoo artist. At her Dragons and Deities Tattoo Parlor she offers paranormal fans the opportunity to go beyond photos and postcards and get a permanent reminder of their adventure. There’s also ex-New Yorker, hotel manager, and beau Jack Stockton and Cat’s fiancé Deputy Quincy Boudreaux nearby since Melanie and her friends seem prone to discovering a few dead bodies.

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Mystic Wedding Bell Blues
Earns 5/5 Bouquets … Clever Cozy Romp!

Spring brings flowers, romance, and “ah ah choo!” … allergies. Melanie Hamilton is sneezing uncontrollably and her BFF Catalina Gabor worries her malady will interrupt her wedding to Deputy Quincy Boudreaux. In between bouts of sneezing, Maid of Honor Melanie tries to calm the bride’s last minute fears of doom. Reverend Bocephus Jones, famous for his local television revival program, is delayed, but he finally arrives, with his wife Linda Lou, he’s also suffering with his own allergy symptoms. Despite the rehearsal going well and everyone having a good time, Jones’ accountant crashes the dinner yelling something about the “FBI!” Later it gets worse when desk clerk Lucy frantically announces there’s a dead body in the lobby. Yes, it’s Reverend Jones … poisoned. Will the bad mojo mean the cancelling of Cat and Q’s wedding?

Here Comes the … Hit! The writing duo Sally Smith and Jean Steffens have penned a delightfully fun cozy mystery in the heart of the Louisiana bayou including a wedding, an over-the-top reverend and his wife, a substitute shuttle driver, an accountant, and a bride and groom. What a cast of characters mixed up in an intriguing murder mystery for such a short read. Fun! Melanie, a clever and creative woman, takes an active stance to solve the case so her friends can get hitched, and it seems zeroing in on the most nervous of the bunch could be the key. But, with the reverend dead, who’ll officiate the ceremony? That’s a delightful surprise! And enjoy an easy-to-follow recipe connected to the bride’s Romanian heritage: Romany Cucumber & Onion Salad.

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  1. Would really love to read. Sounds like my kind of book. Another great cover.

  2. Second Wedding, first honeymoon. Stayed at the Holiday Inn and took kids from both first maraiges to the pool. It was a blast, at a time when we couldn't afford hotels or vacations. Also went to Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs, which was interesting and educational.

  3. My wedding memory is- I forgot to get the wedding license when we went to get married. My brother had to go back to my house to get it so we could get married-I had a church full of people on a 95 degree day in August with no air conditioning- He said he drove back to my house and only ran 3 stop lights.

  4. We have a winner!
    Lorie Ham


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