"Eve Swift and the Cypher Sore Eyes" By M.K. Crane: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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M.K. Crane premiered his Eve Swift Wartime Mystery series in 2020 with Eve Swift and the Blitz Bad Wolf which introduced a strong and clever young woman, Evelyn Swift, navigating the pleasures and perils of World War II. He followed up with Eve Swift and the Home Front Horror (2020), then Eve Swift and the Reich Way to Die (2021) and Eve Swift and the Cypher Sore Eye (2022). Set in Norwich, England, northeast of London, the town is plagued by bombing raids by the German Luftwaffe, closely enforced blackouts, daily and nightly air raid sirens, and complications from holing up in a shelter.

Our heroine works as a librarian at the Colman Stree branch with her good friend Joan Popkin and head librarian Mr. Bennett. Eve is also a member of the WVS, Women’s Voluntary Service, doing her part for the war effort serving up a hot cuppa, a warm bun, and a cheery smile and a comfortable shoulder to first responders and the, now, homeless survivors. She’s not shy about diving into the dangers by putting out fires, digging out survivors, or recovering bodies. She lived at home with her mother and father and two younger brothers, but one well-placed afternoon bomb changed everything. PC Harry Giles, a man she’s known since they were kids, is one on whom she can rely, partner with on his or her investigations, and one to whom she’d said yes to marriage. Eve Swift is one of the ‘unsung” heroes.

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Eve Swift and the Cypher Sore Eyes
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Sadly, Eve and Harry’s date was interrupted by the all too frequent sirens sending them instead to an underground shelter. Eve had seen a former schoolmates, Christine, at the pub, but didn’t see her with the others in this particular shelter. The couple she’d been with were there, Matthew and Jenny, and getting Mr. Chapman, the warden frustrated by their drunken playfulness. They’d drawn a caricature of a warden on the wall with the letters “GRG,” and Mr. Chapman loudly took it personal. Harry resisted interfering, but was soon forced to intervene. Eve asked the two about her friend, and the young woman let slip Christine was one always solving puzzles, and the young man explained the letters in the drawing were part of an Atbash cypher; not really appropriate for mixed company.

When the all-clear signal came and partiers returned to the pubs, Eve and Harry sat taking in the fresh night air. Eve thought she saw Jenny going into the pub with a Yank, and wondered about Matthew. Just then, in the distance, coming from the river, they heard a faint whistle and set out to investigate. It was Mr. Chapman who’d blown the alarm about a body he was adamant he saw floating in the shallows. Harry knew Chapman wasn’t one to succumb to a prank, but he swore he’d not be happy splashing in the freezing waters only to retrieve a mannequin. It didn’t take long to find Chapman was right. It was the young man from the shelter … Matthew was dead.

Tip Top! M.K. Crane’s fourth book in his Eve Swift Wartime Mystery series is an exciting drama focusing on life during WWII through the eyes of an idealistic, yet talented, protagonist, Eve Swift. She’s very clever, smokes cigarettes, enjoys wearing pants, sees her investigating as more than just a hobby, rarely jumps to conclusions, and relies on some unconventional resources: Ma Stanley’s third eye visions. Of course, it’s obvious that the one who discovers the body is the first to be scrutinized, and Mr. Chapman did have a conflict with the victim, but Eve disagrees with his arrest and is much more curious about the victim’s friends, encrypted notes, shocking secrets, and a young girl missing. It gets more complex at Ivybank, where Matthew lived along with his friends, where Eve and Harry are met with more subterfuge, the enigmatic Mr. and Mrs. Mann, and the feeling that more is going on “for King and Country.” Several cyphers are explored in the story which was a fascinating element.

M.K. Crane has an easy-to-read style, in Eve’s first-person perspective, with a clever and entertaining mystery playing out with WWII as a backdrop. The manner under which the characters live is filled with dangers from the bombing raids and loss of loved ones, of course, but readers are submerged into the other issues surrounding food shortages, black market, Yanks involvement, and limited tech methods in their investigation. Albert Stanley is a great character, a bit of a cheeky devil, and enamored with Eve, but she’s not a push over to his sexual innuendos, and will give as good as she gets with snarky retorts and is not shy of kicking him in the shins. Excellent!

Eve Swift Wartime Mystery

Eve Swift and the Blitz Bad Wolf (2020)

Eve Swift and the Home Front Horror (2020)

Eve Swift and the Reich Way to Die (2021)

Eve Swift and the Crypt Sore Eye (2022)

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