Rattie Ratz: The Story of Edgar and Poe

By Daria Filimonova

Daria Filimonova is a Rattie Ratz Rescue volunteer.

Edgar and Poe (originally Liam and Logan) were surrendered to the rescue in July 2022 as part of a group of four. They were both a bit hormonal, so the rescue decided to neuter the pair before they made their way to a new home.

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At the time, adopter Amber was looking for a pair of boys that could integrate well with their rat Dio. Dio was an older rat that had outlived the other rats they owned and needed new friends. Rattie Ratz paired Amber and Dio with Edgar and Poe and the rats became quick pals. Amber says that the adopted pair bonded with Dio within a few days and that they loved to sleep with him and keep him warm. “They would even bring him food when he was unable to get around quickly with his back legs,” Amber says, “Unfortunately, they were only best buds for about a month before Dio passed away due to old age, but they had a wonderful time together.”
The three pals
Since Dio’s passing, Amber remarked that Edgar and Poe have grown very large and now need to be held using two hands! The boys are living comfortably in their forever home and have come out of their shells. Edgar and Poe are big foodies, and Amber says they spend their days begging for treats and love to hoard their food. Amber noticed a unique quirk that the pair has. Apparently, Poe hoards all the food at the bottom of the cage while his brother is eating. When Edgar is done eating and Poe starts to eat, Edgar will go downstairs and take all of the food upstairs to his hoarding pace. “Sometimes they will do this a few times during the day,” Amber notes.

The cute pair also loves to lounge around in the hammocks in their cage and getting up to trouble. “The personality of these boys is hilarious,” Amber tells us, “Their favorite thing to do is spend tons of time ripping the fleece liners off of the shelves and strategically dragging it up their ramps and around the cage.” Amber says the boys shove the fleece liners into their favorite igloo and shared a photo of the two staring at her while she was asking them how they got all the fleece to fit inside.

“We are very thankful that we were able to find a unique pair of rats,” Amber says. By the sound of it, Edgar and Poe are surely having a wonderful time in their new home.

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