Feral Paws Rescue: Every Day Is Mother’s Day

 By Lupe Gore

This month we will introduce you to four beautiful cats who were recently saved from the CCSPCA (Fresno) by Feral Paws Rescue. Two of them had a few little surprises for us after arriving at the Rescue.

ChaCha and her babies
ChaCha is a beautiful long-haired Calico who was surrendered to the shelter in late March and while there had three beautiful kittens. That being the situation, she and her little family became “rescue only”. Not only did ChaCha have a family, but she also had an eye infection which needed to be treated, so she wouldn’t have been adoptable per the shelter. ChaCha and her babies immediately went into foster care (mainly due to the eye infection so she would be completely indoors), and she and her babies are thriving. They are with other cats at the foster’s, but separated from them inside their own little “condo”. She has one Tabby, one Calico, and one white kitten with a little tabby “star” on the top of her head. The babies love to try to run out of their condo when the door is opened, but are quickly caught by their human and put back with Mom. Soon enough, ChaCha and her family will need a bigger condo and a separate one for the babies to play in by themselves. ChaCha is a great mother!

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Storm and her babies
Storm is a beautiful medium haired gray cat who was also surrendered while pregnant, and soon afterward had her babies at the shelter. Storm has five kittens: three gray Tabbies, and two who have the markings of a Siamese, with little gray ears, nose, and tails. Storm remains at the Rescue with her precious family in a condo of their own. She definitely has her hands (or should I say “paws”) full with these little ones but she’s being a very good mother to them . All of her babies are doing well, and it’s always something that their caretaker looks forward to, watching them grow so quickly.

Willow, also an owner surrender, was pulled by the Rescue by herself from the shelter. Soon afterward, though, her caretakers noticed she seemed to be getting rather “fat” as she was rubbing up against them and wanting attention from the humans. One morning her caretaker was cleaning out the area Willow was housed in and noticed five little newborns! This area houses other cats, so Willow and her babies were immediately moved to a condo by themselves so she can take care of them and be where they are safe. Willow is a sweet, beautiful light brown tabby and her babies are a mix of brown and gray tabbies, and one white baby with dark tabby spots. Willow is very gentle, but also protective of her little family.

Willow and her babies
And there’s Kayleigh, who Feral Paws Rescue recently saved from the shelter. She is a beautiful light tabby-and-white cat, who will be delivering her babies any day now! We were hoping she’d have them before this article dropped, but we will update later.

While these families are so precious, and we all want these little kittens to grow up and live long lives, we are also sad that people do not neuter their cats, and then allow them to go outside and come in contact with cats who aren’t fixed. Then these same people surrender the female cats to the shelter when they’re pregnant and about to have their babies. Especially sad for ChaCha is that the infection in her eye will probably result in the removal of the eye eventually. If only people would take care of their pets before medical issues become serious. But, in the meantime, Feral Paws Rescue will continue to save as many lives as possible, and take care of these little families. Every day is Mother’s Day with ChaCha, Storm, Willow, and soon Kayleigh! 

Feral Paws Rescue:

EMAIL: fprg.org@gmail[dot]com
Phone: 559-412-7226

Website: fprg.org

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