"The Case of the Uninvited Undertaker" By Cathy Ace: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Cynthia Chow

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It’s the first of June in the village of Anwen-by-Wye, and the ladies of the WISE Enquiries Agency are finding it a bit more difficult to find clients now that they have moved out of their London office and onto the Wales Chellingworth Estate. Fortunately, they soon have their hands full with an assortment of cases, and while they vary in pay, they each earn their own designation by WISE detective Annie Parker. 

The case that gives this eighth book of the series its title is brought to them by Louise Attwater, a funeral home owner disconcerted by mysterious wreath deliveries. It seems that these condolences are being sent to families before the actual deaths, and Louise and her fellow funeral business owners are concerned that they may be blamed for “encouraging” early clientele arrivals.

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The friend of WISE agent Carol Hill brings them the Case of the Suspicious Sister, in which the Sister-in-Charge at a nursing home suspects that one of her nurses may be misappropriating medications. This leads to WISE agent and retired nurse Mavis MacDonald going undercover, while the other three members use their own unique skills to track down clues and wheedle out information.

A concern much closer to home is that of the “Case of Furry Fiancé,” with their principle financier, dowager duchess Althea Twyst, concerned that her flighty daughter is once again being lured into a scheme and scammed out of her wealth. 

While the Welsh, Irish, Scottish, and English women of the detective agency have grown more confident in their careers as investigators, they continue to face challenges in their personal lives. Upper class Christine Wilson-Smythe is becoming snappish and sharp towards her reformed criminal boyfriend, realizing that perhaps the cause of her irritation may be the fact that he is rather boringly reformed. Living on the edge is undeniably exciting, as is the appeal of a bad boy. A housing situation is the source of tension between Annie and her love Tudor Evans, while Carol and her husband are dealing with life with a toddler. Juggling their home lives with their investigations is something the women have become adept at, especially when there is often overlap and inconvenient intrusions.

What continues to be outstanding in this series is just how invested readers will be in the evolving personal lives of these charming, complex characters. They are not always likable, but they are relatable and real. Althea’s son Henry Devereaux Twyst, the 18th Duke of Chellingworth, continues to entertain with his befuddlement as he finds himself the unexpectedly happy, married father of a newborn. The cases the women investigate exist on varying levels of criminality, but they are always crucial to the town and villagers. Justice is dealt out accordingly, leaving readers feeling satisfied that eventually all meet their deserved fate. The women of the WISE Enquiries Agency continue to be compelling characters with individual storylines that leave readers wanting more. This is a welcome entry in a reliable and always entertaining series.

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