"Monster Mash Murder" by Leslie Langtry: Review/Giveaway

Review by Becky Sue Epstein 

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“EEEEEEAAAA!” is the beginning of the first chapter, and that’s pretty much how I felt throughout the whole book. In a good way.

Thirtysomething CIA operative Merry Wrath was suddenly outed and forced to retire. Completely lost, she returned to her hometown. Never mind that Merry is petrified of children; her best friend somehow roped her into co-leading a troupe of tween-aged Girl Scouts. And despite Merry’s best intentions, they all get involved in solving the murders which just happen to occur in their vicinity.

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In this book, the murder investigation is interwoven with the girls governing their hometown of Who’s There, Iowa, while on deadline to build the largest, scariest Halloween house ever, for a local fundraiser. Also figuring in this tale are werewolves, a blood-sniffing raptor, tiny hamster detectives, Chechens, zombies, and a scary coroner/surgeon, some of which are real. 

Author Leslie Langtry throws everything into the mix here, so cleverly that you just have to give in and try to keep up. Full disclosure, I have read some of the books in this series before. I liked them so much that I am very slowly doling them out to myself, in order not to devour them all at once. So, in my own life, I am quite a few adventures behind.

To thoroughly enjoy this new book, I suspended disbelief, trusting that my burning questions would be answered somehow. Like, when did one of the tween scouts become mayor of the city – which she runs with terrifying efficiency? How did another scout acquire a Washington informant who provides top-secret international info on command? How do the four Kaitlins in the group constantly read each other’s minds – and perhaps other people’s? Is it possible that, with her ingrained, undercover training, Merry Wrath has taught these scouts all too well? Of course!

Speaking of Merry, when did she figure out that her destiny was to marry the hot police chief who moves in across the street, instead of her tantalizingly handsome CIA handler, who keeps re-appearing in her life?

Have I lost you? Not to worry. You get the idea. With Merry in charge, international covert operations are seamlessly intertwined with a troupe of earnest, frighteningly competent twelve-year-old girls. Is it any wonder that Merry can’t keep her sleuthing completely compartmentalized? And that she occasionally finds herself clandestinely benefiting from the super-powers of her pack?

Wouldn’t you?

Monster Mash Murder is Leslie Langtry’s millionth (or 28th) book in the series, and she never falters. Best-selling author Langtry also writes the Greatest Hits and the Aloha Lagoon series, and is somehow also finding time to write stand-alone books.

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While traveling the world and writing about wine and spirits, Becky Sue Epstein read cozy mysteries to relax. One day it occurred to her that she could combine the two pursuits. She recently began to write wine-themed cozy mysteries. Hopefully, her agent will love them.


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