Feral Paws Rescue: Just Another Day at the Rescue

by Lupe Gore

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL’s article about Feral Paws to learn more about them and check out their website.

Being a caretaker for the cats at Feral Paws Rescue is a very rewarding experience, especially to see the cats flourish after being saved from a high-kill shelter or other circumstances, as one recently was. This is the story of some of those who make their mark in my heart and everyone at the rescue.

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In the early evening a week ago, there was a box left outside the fence by the entrance to the rescue. It was hidden behind a couple of trash bins, which were to be emptied the next day. Originally, the box contained Huggies diapers and was sealed with several strips of blue painter’s tape. Since people have left cats outside the property before, despite the signs warning that dumping is illegal, we were suspicious of this box. We brought it up the driveway into a secure kennel and could hear a cat hissing inside it.  Once it was opened, we found a very scared, white, juvenile kitten who is approximately five to six months old. He had been delivered with a few grains of dry food and a fleece hoodie inside the box. 

Ivy and her babies
I put him in a kennel by himself and determined it is a male and named him Casper. If not for an unexpected trip out the main gate, this box would not have been discovered, and it is likely Casper would not have survived. Had he escaped the box, there was a possibility of being hit by a car or just not knowing how to survive in the world. Casper is one very lucky boy and will be loved.

As it turns out, Casper is very friendly and loves attention. It didn’t take him long to endear himself to me as his feeder and caretaker, and I have given him walks around the property, holding him in my arms, which I do with a few of the cats who are housed by themselves.  

Another special kitty here at the rescue is Ivy, recently rescued from the SPCA along with two newborn kittens. Ivy is a Calico, and one baby is Calico while the other one is orange and white. Ivy and her babies are flourishing here. Ivy was being very protective at first by hissing at any human who came near her. Now she knows when she is going to get her canned food and seeks out the attention of her caregiver. It seems the babies grow a little every day and are now eating wet food along with their mom and have toys in the kitty house they live in.

And then there’s Evelyn who was rescued from the SPCA three years ago, and she is now just a little over four years old. She is a beautiful, dilute Calico who came to the rescue as a thin cat but now is quite large. She was deemed unadoptable as she will bite, but otherwise is very friendly to some of us, and I’ve never had any issues with her. In fact, she thinks she’s a lap cat when I sit down! Evelyn has free roam of the property and makes her way into the house as often as she can. Evelyn is a permanent resident of Feral Paws Rescue. 

 Finally, I will write about Bella. She is a beautiful, long-haired, white cat who is polydactyl. Her owner had surrendered her to the SPCA, not by choice, but rather housing issues which required her to give up some of her cats. Bella was placed in our adoption room. She quickly found someone who fell in love with her and immediately wanted to adopt her, giving her the loving home she deserves. It was so heartwarming to see this gorgeous kitty who is six years old find herself a new home.    


Stories like these make it all so worthwhile to be part of Feral Paws Rescue, a privilege I have had for over 11years. So many lives have been saved by the hard work and answering the calls when kill shelters have contacted the rescue.  

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