"Under the Cocoon Moon" by Kathleen Bailey: Review/Giveaway

Review by Tracy Condie

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This is a mystery that refuses to be put down with mini-cliffhangers that keep you turning the pages. Even though this is the third book in the Olivia Penn Mystery Series, this book could be thoroughly enjoyable as a stand-alone as well.

Christmas and cold weather have come to Apple Station, childhood home and current residence of advice columnist, Olivia Penn. Cocoon Moon features a poem by the same title, a notorious jewel heist/gentleman thief, grand theft auto, the involvement of Detective Preston Hills deceased father, and a murder.

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Olivia is informed by John Mack, a D.C. private investigator, that Paige, Olivias best friend, has left some unfinished investigative inquiries. Paige was very good at digging up information, but could she have been wrong about Prestons parents? A nice amount of backstory is used to reintroduce Paige, whose murder Olivia solves in the series starter. Olivia has no choice but to pick up where Paige left off, if only to prove Detective Hills parentsinnocence. It is easy to see how Olivia was invested in the investigation even before the murder, which appears to be tied to everything.

It will be a good thing that Olivia has taken time off from her day job and is wrapping up the local paper feature assignment, the 12 Bakes of Christmas on which she and her dad have been collaborating. She will now have the free time to take meetings in dark places, do some internet digging, buy a few gifts, run into” Preston at the coffee shop (its a mutual thing), help a desperate mom, scrutinize the deceased s family, deal with the FBI, be stone-walled by Detective Hill, all while maintaining a level head. Thankfully, Olivia has some very good and supportive friends and family. Interestingly enough, Olivias dad has made a 180-degree change in his opinion about Olivia getting involved and wants to join in on the investigating as opposed to being an armchair sleuth. He almost seems giddy about riding along to the initial late-night meeting with PI Mack. PI Mack is an interesting character who seems to enjoy the wonderful food at the Inn and the company of a certain Inn owner. I wonder if he wont make another appearance in a future book.

One of the things that really appeals to me about Olivia as a character is that she makes smart choices. She has learned from her past experiences (books one & two) and usually doesnt go off meeting strangers in dark places without letting someone know or taking backup. Speaking of backup, we learn a little bit more about Olivias next-door neighbor Sam, and her security related background. Olivia makes use of Sams knowledge and co-worker (former frenemy) Cassandras reporting skills to work her way through this ever changing situation. I call it ever changing because Beverly Styles, Detective Hills mom, has asked Olivia to get involved in addition to the two-person security team that is staying at her inn. Detective Hill does not approve and tells Olivia to back off in such a way that makes you wonder if they will be having coffee together in the future.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable mystery with plenty of suspects, several red herrings, and a few romantic sparks. The only thing that I would have liked more would be those 12 recipes.

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