Feral Paws Rescue: Chipper, Inky, Zubra, and Ditto

by Lupe Gore

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL’s article about Feral Paws to learn more about them and check out their website. 

This month we bring you the stories of more kitties Feral Paws Rescue has saved from high-kill shelters in Central California. These kitties came from different backgrounds and are permanent residents of the Rescue.

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Chipper is a beautiful tabby-and-white girl saved a few years ago from the CCSPCA (Fresno). She has endeared herself to everyone at the Rescue. She is a senior and gets a lot of attention from us, and has special dietary needs due to her age. This winter, she made her way into the house, where she chose a special place to sleep in the family room. She is extremely affectionate and loves to be cuddled and held. When it’s sunny, she will go outside and explore the property but wants to come back inside after a short time. It seems she had been an indoor/outdoor cat in her previous life, but due to her age we are very cautious about her not getting too cold.

Inky came to Feral Paws Rescue, also from the CCSPCA, as a beautiful tuxedo kitten who was semi-feral. Being without her mother, she was raised by other cats she had been housed with. Inky was a spunky kitten, full of energy and wanting to escape her enclosure to explore the outside world. Eventually, when she was grown, she was allowed free access to the property, but she prefers to be close to the house with other cats who, for the most part, make that area their home. Today, two of her best friends are Nikki and Tinkerbell, who we introduced you to in a previous article. She has outgrown her semi-feral nature and is very lovable.

Zubra is a gray-and-white tabby who is best friends with a black-and-white cat named Ditto. As seen in the photo, they love to be together and have also made their way into the house and have outdoor privileges as well. Both Zubra and Ditto have been at the Rescue for a few years, are very friendly, and love human affection. Ditto especially wants attention even when she is outside. She will follow everyone around, and most of the time walks alongside that person. At night, they both want to be inside the house and love to sleep on warm, soft blankets.

Zubra and Ditto
Feral Paws Rescue always strives to save as many cats as possible from high-kill shelters, cats who may have special needs, be older, or semi-feral, and give those cats the best life possible. Every cat has a different personality, and when they’re pulled from the shelter, we often do not know their history. It's wonderful when we can see them interact and get along together, making close friends along the way. To see them happy is the entire purpose of rescue and makes it all worthwhile.

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