Mystery Manga Reviews/Giveaways: "Volume 2 of Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki’s Conjecture, Volume 3 of Oshi No Ko, Volume 2 of Glitch"

Review by Lorie Lewis Ham

Details on how to enter to win copies of all of the books, except it will be Vol 1 of Glitch instead of 2, at the end of this post and links to purchase them.

All three of the mystery manga I am reviewing this week have a supernatural twist. There is Volume 2 of Glitch, Volume 2 of Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki’s Conjecture, and Volume 3 of Oshi No Ko. I have reviewed the previous volumes of all of these. These are all published by Yen Press and you can find my reviews of their other volumes here.

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Image Source Yen Press
Volume 2 of Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki’s Conjecture
-Art by Toji Aio, Original Story by Mikage Sawamura, Character Design by Jiro Suzuki

Amazon Description: The mysterious lurks in that which fills the crevices between ordinary things—“The Extraordinary.”  Akira Takatsuki, an associate professor of folklore studies and a collector of strange tales, has taken Naoya Fukamachi, a college student with the uncanny ability to detect lies, under his wing. When another of Professor Takatsuki’s students reveals that she is living through an urban legend—needles falling all around her and even appearing in her food—the mismatched duo is on the case! But then the professor stops their investigation in its tracks to invite Fukamachi to a barbecue? Is this just one of his eccentricities getting in the way of another, or is there some grand plan brewing…?

This is one of my current favorite manga series. In this volume we learn a little more about the Professor’s mysterious  background and what led him to what he is doing now, and we learn a bit more about what happened to Fukamachi when he got his “gift” and how hard it has been on him. I love both main characters and can’t wait to learn more about them as this series continues—and it is interesting to watch them uncover what is really happening behind all of these supposed supernatural events that students are bringing to them. Volume 3 comes out in April.

Image Source Yen Press
Volume 3 of Oshi No Ko by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari

Amazon Description: Hoping to glean more information about his father, Aqua agrees to join the dating reality show We’re About to Fall in Love for Real ! Most of the production’s teenage-celeb cast members are in it for the exposure, but not all publicity is good publicity. When the footage can be edited for maximum drama, “reality” becomes whatever the director wants it to be―even if that means leaving someone’s reputation on the cutting room floor...

The supernatural twist behind this one is that Aqua and his twin Ruby had previous lives where they were both fans of their mom, Ai Hoshino, who was an Idol. Ai was murdered and Aqua is trying to figure out who murdered her, and him in his other life—hence the mystery side of the story. This is another favorite series of mine (loved the anime and hoping for more)! Great characters, and you get to see behind the scenes of the Idol culture in Japan. (music Idol). Volume 4 came out late last year—watch for a review of that one soon as well. Volume 5 came out in February of 2024.

Image Source Yen Press
Volume 2 of Glitch by Shima Shinya

Amazon Description: Compiling what little they know, the Investigation Club deduces that the forest at the center of town is also at the heart of the mystery behind the glitches. High fences on all sides make getting into the forest impractical―but the library is always a good place to start! In its short history, Touka-cho’s shadowy specters and unique mix of otherworldly residents have always been part of the town’s fabric, though the library doesn’t have much to offer on the provenance of the forest―or why it was fenced off years ago…

This one has more of a horror/sci-fi kind of feel to it. In this series, a group of young people are investigating these glitches. The art style for this series is quite different from most of the manga I have read and seems to be the style of this particular author as they also wrote Lost Lad London which has the same art style (I reviewed that series as well). While this isn’t on my top list like the other two are, it is a very interesting story and I look forward to finding out what happens. Volume 3 comes out in May 2024.

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You can click here to purchase Volume 2 of Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki’s Conjecture.

You can click here to purchase Volume 3 of Oshi No Ko.

You can click here to purchase Volume 2 of Glitch.

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