"Poppies, Perils, and Poison" By Erica Wynters: Review/Giveaway

Review by Tracy Condie

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Book number two of the Camelot Flowers Mysteries works as a stand-alone that brings us drama, romance, murder, and chuckles with a slight Arthurian undertone.

Fresh from solving her first mystery, Guinevere “Gwen” Stevens is ready to welcome her parents back from Florida and show them that she can handle the flower shop with no problems. While Dennis and April Stevens were away, the town got some new residents. In town for a total of two weeks, Shannon Wentworth is already making enemies, starting with insulting the barista/café owner’s beverage-making ability every time an order is placed. In addition to being a “not nice person” in the café, Shannon plays it passive-aggressive when she announces at a gala that she intends not only to run for president of the garden club but to win the election and fix all the garden club’s shortcomings.

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In response, current president Margie, the receptionist at the police department and loved by everyone, shows an angry side that no one has ever seen. When Shannon drops dead in the coffee shop, Margie’s extremely supportive husband thinks the horrid woman got what she deserved, but Margie is the prime suspect. It also doesn’t look good for the new pharmacist who might not be a stranger to everyone in town, and for an unknown blackmailer.

Gwen can’t possibly let Margie stay on police detective Finn Butler’s radar even if she does trust him to do the right thing. Gwen is not alone. Her faithful friend Penny is a hoot and the sort of friend who has your back unless you go dumpster-diving; then she is strictly on lookout duty.

Helpful and funny Midwestern etiquette rules pop up in Gwen’s thoughts, making one chuckle. There are plenty of clues and red herrings with a little bit of backstory mixed in to keep you in the loop. I think the most unique and unexpected aspect of this well-crafted cozy is that the main suspect Margie considered it a “titillating experience” to be under investigation. The only thing I did not like about the book is the love triangle, but that is just personal preference.

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