"Murder on the Dodder" By Keith Bruton: Review/Giveaway

Review by Terrance McArthur

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A list-making hitman on a bicycle, Patrick Callen is back in Murder on the Dodder, the second Lemon Man mystery by Keith Bruton.

I know what you’re wondering: What’s a Dodder? The Dodder is one of the three rivers in Dublin, Ireland.

Jack, Patrick’s mentor, is missing, and a voice on the phone is making demands. The guy isn’t asking for ransom money. He wants murders. For starters, find the target, kill him, drop him into the waters of the Dodder, send pictures, and wait for the next set of instructions.

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Although Patrick is an experienced killer (known as The Lemon Man, a nickname acquired on his first assassination), at the top of his craft, things do go wrong. He is injured repeatedly, tangles with a pro wrestler, and becomes a viral Internet punchline. His girlfriend thinks he works part-time in a bicycle shop, and she doesn’t understand why he takes off at a moment’s notice and returns with injuries.

One of the joys of Murder on the Dodder (How can there be joy in murder? Trust me on this one.) is Bruton’s obvious love and knowledge of the city of Dublin. As Patrick pedals his bicycle around the town, you learn the bridges, the streets, the history, and the architecture of the old town. It’s a guided tour, complete with sounds and smells.

Usually, Patrick is hired to right wrongs—a murderer who got a lenient sentence, a politician who did more damage than good, a wife-abuser—but the calls coming from Jack’s phone number send him on a series of kills that get the police, a local mob, his regular employer, and his friends out to get him. His quest to get his kidnapped friend home safe becomes a search for the voice on the phone.

Bruton’s world of Patrick Callen is full of odd characters, brutal crimes of violence. great mental scenery, and twists that will make you laugh out loud. Things may not go right for Patrick, but he stumbles through each disaster with hope. Things could only get better . . . unless they don’t.

Take a stroll along the banks of the Dodder, but be on the lookout for dead bodies.

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Terrance V. Mc Arthur is retired as a Librarian in Fresno County, California. He is also a storyteller, puppeteer, magician, and maker of pine needle baskets. On top of that he writes stories that range from rhymed children's tales to splatterpunk horror. He's an odd bird, but he's nice to have around.

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  1. Mary Holshouser
    This should be a fun read. It's from a
    different perspective - the hero isn't
    searching for the culprit, it's him.
    thanks. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  2. I like a good hitman novel! Count me in!

  3. Great review! Delighted you enjoyed it 😀

  4. Would love to get a copy of this! tWarner419@aol.com

  5. I think I'd learn a lot by reading "Murder on the Dodder" by Keith Bruton.

    allibary (at) aol (dot) com

  6. We have a winner!
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