Rattie Ratz: New Friends and Second Chances, The Story of Daphne & Janie

By Stephanie Cameron

Rattie Ratz Rescue is a not-for-profit rat rescue located in Northern California dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of domestic pet rats. The rescue averages 250-300 adoptions each year and today’s column is featuring two sweet girls that were adopted last year.

Daphne and Janie came into the rescue separately by private intake. Once they were in the rescue the volunteers decided they would do well together and introduced the girls. The rest is history. The girls were known as Darla (chocolate) and Deenie (blue rex) for the brief one month stay they had within the rescue’s foster program. Once they were cleared from quarantine they had a lot of interest, after all, who wouldn’t be taken in by those sweet faces? And after just a couple of weeks they were going home with Rei.

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Janie and Daphne
As the girls began their new life with Rei and her family, their names were changed to Janie (previously Darla) and Daphne (previously Deenie). Janie and Daphne were adopted in March 2023, and it has now been exactly a year since they went home with their new family. Rei adopted the girls with the intention for them to be companions for her then elderly rats, Shermy and Nommo, who have since crossed the rainbow bridge.

Janie and Daphne are still happy and healthy with Rei, her husband and their young son. It sounds like Janie and Daphne are fostering the next generation of rat lovers with their young human brother. Rei describes how their one-and-a-half-year-old son loves them (he calls them Nini and Apni), and talks about them all the time. He insists on feeding them fruits and veggies by hand every day, and is constantly finding/making scraps of paper, tissues, etc. to give them for their nests. Janie and Daphne are very patient with him, and even let him touch them gently with one finger (supervised by Mom or Dad, of course). He loves them so much that he has picked out a stuffed rat as his favorite stuffed animal. He sleeps with his stuffed rat, "Mimi," every night, and takes her with him everywhere he goes.”

Daphne and Janie came to Rei at a busy time in her life but it was important to Rei that her aging rats have companions so one wouldn’t be left alone in their last months. Rei recounts how she adopted them at a hectic time in our lives. We had two aging rats who required medical care, we were still learning how to be first time parents, and I was re-entering the workforce full time. However, once we were able to pick up a rhythm with our lives, we were able to enjoy their company more fully.

"Of the two, Daphne is more adventurous and active. She is constantly running on the wheel, and looking for ways to push the envelope while exploring outside of the cage. Janie is a little more easygoing but loves to cuddle up for a snack, especially Cheerios. Both enjoy cuddling under a cozy blanket with me while I decompress in the evening, and are ever vigilant for any threatening ‘sock monsters’ (i.e. my feet).” 

It certainly seems that Janie and Daphne hit the jackpot with their family and Rattie Ratz is so happy to hear how well the girls are thriving in their new home. One of the primary goals at Rattie Ratz is to find successful forever homes for the foster rats in their care. Hearing stories like Daphne and Janie’s makes all the work our volunteers do at the rescue worth it.

 If you would like to know more about Rattie Ratz Rescue or find out about upcoming information/adoption events, please visit our Facebook or Instagram. If you are interested in adoptable rats or volunteering for Rattie Ratz Rescue, visit their website at www.rattieratz.com

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