“Courage Lost” A Ray Courage Mystery by R. Scott Mackey: Review/Giveaway

by Doward Wilson

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Deceit, lies, secrets, regrets, theft, and greed lead to murders, old and new!

Meet Private Investigator Ray Courage. He has been hired to find the estranged son of Isabella and Wyatt Carlyle. The billionaire couple lost track of him twenty years earlier after a major falling out. Ten years later they tried to find him, with no success. Now that Isabella has only a couple of months to live, she wants to reconcile. They have had the family lawyer bring Ray to meet them and discuss taking the case. He is hesitating, especially when Wyatt privately confides that the son stole five million dollars from his parent's bank accounts when he took off. Arriving for a second meeting with the lawyer, Ray is startled to find a crazed man shooting another of the lawyer's visitors right in the office.

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This detailed and intricate mystery takes us from Sacramento to Monterey, California. Ray follows leads that take him to an art gallery, a bar, a meeting with a seedy widow, and a side trip to Honduras on behalf of another frantic mother missing a son. The characters are totally believable and come alive on the page. The plot is well constructed with twists, turns, red herrings, and dead ends. If you enjoy a classic PI story, this is a book you will enjoy reading.

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I liked that the dialogue was crisp and moved the story right along. The leads kept you guessing while giving you subtle clues, and the characters were front and center without overshadowing the storyline. There wasn't a lot of profanity or rough action to detract from the story, just good old fashion legwork and detecting. I am going to be reading the earlier books in this series, as this one reminded me so much of PI book series from the 60s and 70s, which I considered some of the best in this genre.

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