“The Importance of Being Urnest” By Sandra Balzo: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

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Running the Uncommon Grounds coffee shop out of a historic train station in Brookhills, Wisconsin, has made Maggy Thorsen accustomed to a unique clientele. That definitely includes her neighbor Christy Wrigley, a former piano teacher who is currently an omnist who believes in all religions, dates an imprisoned convict, and now cleans as she apprentices at the local mortuary and crematory.

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Working there gives Christy the opportunity to meet another of Uncommon Grounds new customers, the now late mother of uber-nice Hannah Bouchard. Maggy’s extremely cynical and sarcastic business partner Sarah Kingston has a lot to say about Hannah’s martyrdom, not to mention Maggy’s reluctance to accept Sheriff Jake Pavlik’s marriage proposal. Maggy is quite happy in her comfortable and committed relationship with her sheepdog Frank, and the risk of disrupting her current happiness is terrifying. An on-the-job incident speeds up Maggy’s decision, not to mention the increase in mortality amidst the residents of Brookhills Manor retirement facility.

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The discovery of whether there is an actual murder doesn’t occur until readers are far into the novel, but clues are laid out from the beginning. The draw of this series is the incredibly entertaining banter and relationship between Maggy and Sarah. They are more akin to an old married couple than business partners, as their snipes are personal but never taken too personally. Their hilarious conversational tangents and references show how like-minded they have become, and following their train of thoughts is a guilty pleasure for those who favor politeness over truthfulness.

Bipolar Sarah and cynical Maggy match one another with their comebacks and insults, but it comes with the knowledge that no one else is more supportive or loving than the other. That Jake is willing to wade into their friendship is a testament to his bravery, not to mention his love for Maggie. This deftly written novel is inundated with clever dialogue and wry observations, and like its characters, the acerbic hard exterior hides a warm-hearted emotional center.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read. doward1952(at)yahoo(dot)com

  2. What an interesting and fun read “The Importance of Being Urnest” By Sandra Balzo sounds! Thanks for all the information and finding me another book to put on my TBR pile. Appreciate the opportunity to win a copy - THANKS!
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