“Killer Cravings” By Diana Orgain: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

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New private detective Kate Connelly has investigated while pregnant and then when carrying around a newborn, but she’s never done both at the same time. Finding herself pregnant just months after giving birth for the first time was never in the plans, but both she and her husband Jim are delighted with the news. What’s even more unexpected are the uncontrollable food cravings Kate’s experiencing, with the desire for gourmet brownies so forceful that she’s lured away from a long surveillance that ultimately wastes five hours of her time.

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Not getting photographs of her targeted philanderer becomes all the more frustrating when the mistress involved perishes, possibly poisoned by the very brownies that have become Kate’s obsession. Further enveloping Kate in the suspicious death is that it occurred during the opening reception for a play written by rival/friend San Francisco PI Vincente Domingo. He may not have intended that his noir script would be turned into a comedic musical, but that’s less tragic than the death by one of the catering bakery’s employees.

Image source: Diana Orgain

Fans of this long-running series will delight in the continuing adventures of Kate as she struggles to balance motherhood with her private investigation duties. This new bout of pregnancy brain makes multi-tasking nearly impossible, but the assistance of a new police detective is a surprising – and hilarious – delight. A shocking revelation is sure to affect future investigations, but that doesn’t mean that Kate will slow down her often life-threatening adventures. By this point, Jim has admirably adjusted to his wife’s professional endeavors, but his protectiveness may ultimately impede Kate’s goals. The short novel speeds along to a satisfying finish, still spending ample time on Kate’s entertaining pursuits of both chocolate and a killer. Life for Kate only looks to become more complicated and busy in the days to come, but seeing her juggle her professional and personal tasks will be fascinating.

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