“The Marshal and the Moonshiner” By C. M. Wendelboe: Review/Giveaway

by Doward Wilson

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Meet Nelson (Nels) Lane, the U.S. Marshall for Wyoming as he tracks a murder suspect from the primitive country of the Wind River Indian Reservation to the big city of Reno, Oklahoma, during the Great Depression. It is the time of Prohibition, gangsters, and Thompson submachine guns. Nels survived the Germans in France during World War I, only to fall for the false allure of alcohol during his recovery from losing sight in one eye and hearing in one ear. Sober for six-years it is still a struggle that never lets up, especially now that he is chasing Amos Iron Horse, the murder suspect who is heavily involved with local moonshiners. Amos used to build stills for his brother Vincent, but now it appears that he is more heavily involved with the making and distribution of the illegal booze.

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Nels’ only backup from the local sheriff's office is Deputy Maris Red Hat, one of three women deputies in Oklahoma. Maris is young, inexperienced, and has her own addiction, men! Life is rough and tough in Reno, Oklahoma, and the surrounding area. Corruption, moonshine, murder, and any other vice that you can name is readily available, even at the local army base. Nels is jumped and beaten badly. He and Maris are almost killed in a drive by shooting. How bad is the corruption in the sheriff's office and the army base? Will Nels and Maris survive to bring Amos back to Wyoming for justice to be served?

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I found this to be a totally compelling and engrossing read! The sharp, concise dialogue brings Nels, Maris, and all the other characters to vivid life. The scenery and background are all faithfully portrayed with precise and accurate details. Civilization and the frontier life rub shoulders making this era in history very realistically written. This is more than a Western or Murder Mystery read. This is a vivid depiction of life in America's west during a very turbulent era. I am anxious to read the next book in this new series featuring Nelson Lane and his life as a U.S. Marshall in Wyoming frontier!

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Doward Wilson is a retired and avid cozy, paranormal, and adventure reader who can’t say no to most books. He recently moved from Independence, Missouri to Gladbrook, Iowa. Located in Central Iowa, Gladbrook (population 900+) is small town, rural farming at its best.

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  1. I'm from OK, so this book is of special interest to me. Ty for the giveaway. legallyblonde1961@yahoo.com

  2. Sounds like an excellent book.I haven't read a lot about the Depression, but it's a fascinating time in history, especially in the American West. If I were to win a book, I think I'd prefer an ebook. Thank you!

  3. This sounds like a good read. I’d like a print copy if I win.

  4. Would prefer a print copy if I’m lucky enough to win. Thanks . (cinta36@yahoo.com)

  5. I really like reading historical fiction, I learn something from that type of book. Would really like to read.

  6. Sounds like a great read! I'm an old-school, paper-and-ink reader.


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