“A Manor of Murder” By June Shaw: Review/Giveaway

by Kathleen Costa
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Best Done in Twos!

June Shaw’s Twin Sisters Mystery was first published in 2017 introducing none-other-than “twin sisters” once-divorced Sunny Taylor and thrice-divorced Eve Vaughn. This middle-aged duo decides to settle in a small town in the southern Louisiana bayou and partner in a remodeling and repair company. Together they navigate a new town, a new business, and…murder? In A Fatal Romance (January 2017), they become “persons of interest” when a customer is discovered dead…next his wife, and then Eve’s life is threatened. Next, although they are settling in and gaining success with their business in Dead on the Bayou (August 2017), authorities become suspicious of them again when another dead body is found in their vicinity. Add to this, a quirky octogenarian mother, their mother’s Chat and Nap group, southern style manners, food, flora, fauna, and a hint of romance—yes, romance, but the twins vie for the same man…Now, in A Manor of Murder, the twins are frantic about their mother and…surprise! Another dead body too close for comfort! This is definitely a fan favorite!

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A Manor of Murder earns 5/5 Tool Boxes…Murderously Fun!

Sunny and Eve, twin sisters and partners in a remodeling business, are livid when they discover from a client, not their aging mother, that she is planning to marry. Marry? Who? Their efforts to at minimum get more information about the groom-to-be and at maximum talk her out of it are unsuccessful. Instead their mother’s new belligerent attitude is on full display. Together they decide to get information from Edward Cancienne, the client who had given them the news, but arriving at his home, they find him midst a heated argument with another man. But, that is the least of the twin’s problems. When they return the next day to seriously discuss the “wedding” matter with their mother, Edward is there thrilled about the nuptials as the groom-to-be’s nephew. An argument ensues leading to the ladies being fired from their current project…a public scene they will regret when they find Edward murdered. Wow! They are again too close to a murder, and the police detective isn't happy about it either.

A Manor of Murder book cover
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My newbie status has been changed to eager fan! I thoroughly enjoyed this third book in June Shaw’s Twin Sisters Mystery, and along with reviewing the synopses of the first two books and references (no spoilers) to background and characters provided in this book, I easily joined in. June’s writing style is very engaging with an entertaining banter between the twins. The sisters are opposites with many of their personality traits which causes a few realistic conflicts and sibling rivalries, but they are very close and work well as amateur detectives—yin and yang. I enjoyed the mature perspective and intelligence the characters bring to the story…ok, Sunny does youthfully giggle a bit over her budding romance which is endearing.

The storyline of Edward’s murder has elements expected for a cozy mystery—the lead characters find themselves mixed-up in murder, take on an amateur detective role, often circumvent the authorities, and find themselves in personal peril, but June provides descriptions of the bayou environment, southern food and manners, and delightful twists and turns with enough possible solutions that make this an engaging, fun read. I highly recommend this book for fans and newbies alike, and am eager to read the first two books to see how everyone got here from there!

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Along with her three-book Twin Sisters Mystery series, June Shaw penned another engaging series first published in 2006, Cealie Gunther Mystery, introducing fans to a delightfully spunky widow Cealie Gunther. In Relative Danger (2006), Cealie heads back to high school to help determine the truth behind a suspicious death, putting herself in personal peril, and ensuring her granddaughter’s graduation. In Killer Cousins (2009), Cealie answers the frantic call from her estranged cousin for help…a life could be in jeopardy. And in Deadly Reunion (2011), Cealie joins her former high school classmates on an Alaskan cruise, but she didn't expect murder to join in on the festivities. This series is also well-worth visiting!

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