“Who Moved My Cheese?” By Lynn Cahoon: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

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Angie Turner and her best friend Felicia Williams may have previously owned a restaurant together in San Francisco, but it’s the new one they’re opening in Angie’s hometown of River Vista, Idaho, that holds a place in heart. With just three weeks until their planned debut, everything rides on finding local sources to fulfill The County Seat’s farm-to-table concept. Old Man Ross’s goat dairy farm seems ideal for locally-sourced goat curds, but the day after Angie’s visit to cement the deal – and bring his requested Ding Dongs – the sheriff has news that Gerald Moss was found dead at the bottom of a canyon.

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While Angie may have been one of the last to have met with the irritable goat farm owner, she’s never a serious suspect until a witness makes a false statement that has gossip buzzing. Small towns have their own rhythm and natural order, and while it’s been a while since she last lived on her grandmother’s farm, Angie quickly adjusts and relearns the topics that allow conversations to flow and secrets to sneak through. Felicia is the extroverted front-of-the-house contrast to Angie’s recipe-tweaking introvert, but together they perfectly mesh together to brainstorm restaurant concepts along with mystery solutions. Secret cheese caves, the battle between goat farms and Big Dairy, as well as an illicit affair or two all come to light as Angie discovers clues, makes wine pairings, and fosters an adorable baby goat.

As someone who loves culinary mysteries and has seen every single episode of Top Chef, this new series is sheer joy. The author delves deeply into the many requirements of a new restaurant: menu planning, hiring staff, enviable tastings, and “family” meals for the staff. While I could never read enough of these fascinating details, even those less interested in the “foodie” aspect will be drawn into Angie’s fun and practical detecting methods. Armed with the notepad that keeps her expanding to-do list, Angie multi-tasks as she tracks down sources of both food and information.

Who Moved My Cheese mystery book cover
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The death of her parents and end of her last relationship may have left Angie emotionally bruised and reluctant to open up her heart, but two unexpected complications may change that. A St. Bernard puppy is probably not the most practical dog to have around a restaurant, since Dom’s quickly-increasing size ensures that a doggy door will eventually simply be a door. Dom’s adorable eyes were too adorable to resist, and just as alluring may be those of Farmers’ Marker owner Ian McNeal. Readers will similarly find themselves falling in love with all of these characters, and the more that is slowly revealed the more we want to know. This is a stellar introduction to the agriculturally-based River Vista, and the emphasis on restaurants and professional cooking make it an outstanding culinary mystery. At the end of the book is a delightful recipe for Potato Soup, Lynn Cahoon’s “comfort, go-to food choice,” that she discovered is a family tradition.

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