"Blood Orbit" By K.R. Richardson: Review/Giveaway

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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Blood Orbit is the first in a brand new science fiction/mystery series by K.R. Richardson. It is set on the corporate owned planet Gattis and features a young rookie cop named Eric Matheson paired up with cybernetically enhanced inspector Chief Investigating Forensic Officer J.P. Dillal. I was excited to read this book because I was a big fan of K.R. (or Kat) Richardson's Greywalker urban fantasy series which ended in 2014.

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Eric and his patrol partner stumble on a very bloody mass murder and Dillal is called in to investigate. There are some concerns about the fact that this is his first case since becoming enhanced, and whether he has physically adjusted yet to the changes, so at first Eric is just assigned to make sure Dillal is okay. Dillal finds Eric idealistic and honest, in a world where not all of the police officers are, so he taps him to become his assistant in solving this case. The murder takes place in a ghetto of one of the tourist-trap planet’s most popular cities. Sixteen people are dead and they are all of the Dreihleen race, and all the evidence points to the murderer being Ohba. Both races are native to the planet and feel like they have been oppressed and disenfranchised by the corporate leaders of the planet. Dillal is half Dreihleen. Eric is mistreated by the other officers for working with Dillal on this as they do not like him and see it as a betrayal on Eric's part. The pair work well together and they begin to uncover a conspiracy that could have massive implications.

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Richardson has developed a very complicated and intricate world that I look forward to learning more about. While it is sci-fi, there are many things that are relatable to the world we live in, such as corruption and bigotry. The mystery side of the story was very complex and well executed, and both characters are very interesting. I like the way they work together, almost like a Holmes and Watson in space, and how their contrasts in personality help them see different sides of the case. I look forward to seeing this series develop. This is a perfect book for anyone who enjoys sci-fi mixed with mystery.

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