"She’s My Dad" by Jonathan S. Williams, with Paula Stone Williams: Review/Giveaway

by Lorie Lewis Ham

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The subtitle of She’s My Dad says so much, “A Father’s Transition and a Son’s Redemption.” Put simply that is what She’s My Dad is about. And yet, the story is anything but simple.

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Jonathan Williams had grown up a pastor’s son and it was what he wanted to do with his life as well. His father, Paul Stone, was not only a pastor of an evangelical church but he also directed a church planting organization-he was an important man within their denomination. Jonathan wanted to be like his father and felt that he had learned how to be a man from his father. Three months into becoming a pastor of a church plant, all of this fell apart for Jonathan when his father told him that he was transgender. Bitter, confused, and afraid he fell into a spiral of depression and alcoholism. He no longer felt he even knew what it meant to be a man, let alone a pastor. This is the story of Jonathan’s journey to come to terms with this dramatic change in his life, and what it meant not only for him, but his family, and his father.
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There are many stories out there from the perspective of transgender men and women, but this is the first one I’ve ever read that also told the story of how this could affect the people around them—the people they love. Jonathan’s journey not only to reconciliation with his father, but also with his religion, is powerful. We also get chapters from the perspective of his father, who is now Paula, that give us glimpses into what she was going through.

This book not only tells an amazing and heart touching story, it also provides incredible insight for those of us who strive to walk alongside and support our transgender brothers and sisters, and their families. While we can never truly walk a mile in their shoes, this at least helps us understand what they go through to some small degree.

Jonathan and Paula are now both a part of progressive and inclusive ministries and Paula is a nationally known speaker on gender equity and LGBTQ advocacy.

The most touching moment in this book was how Paula’s grandchildren so quickly accepted her and seemed to understand better than the adults did--proof that we are not born with prejudices, we learn them. I highly recommend this book!

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