Feral Paws Rescue-All About Bob!

by Paula Hunsaker

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL's article about Feral Paws to learn more about them.

When Bob was brought to the shelter, and as soon as the staff saw him and how loving and friendly he was, not to mention being a big cat that wouldn’t really be comfortable in a kennel, they allowed him to walk around freely. The staff said that Bob made the rounds of the cattery daily with them, and soon became a bit of a distraction with shelter staff wanting to love on him, and he was certainly demanding the attention and getting it.

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So, our rescue was contacted, and they told us the story of Bob! Our rescue agreed to pull Bob and give him a chance to a have a new forever home. We posted Bob’s story on our Facebook Page and within half an hour we were contacted via messenger on Facebook. This sweet lady, Jennifer, was asking how she could adopt Bob. I explained that Bob was still at the shelter and our rescue was going to be bringing Bob to Feral Paws Rescue later in the week. Jennifer then asked to set an appointment to meet Bob.
Bob and Jennifer

On May 8, Jennifer arrived at our rescue to meet Bob. At that time, he had only been at the rescue over night, and was vetted by the shelter. We knew that Bob had been an inside kitty, and being at the rescue and in a new environment was very scary to him. But he was still his loving self and demanded attention and was calm. When Jennifer saw him, it was love at first sight. He immediately wanted her attention, and the attention of her little girl. Jennifer used Face Time with her husband about Bob, and we could hear him on the phone: “YES!!!! We must adopt Bob!” While she was at the rescue her husband kept calling and wanted to know, “Can we adopt Bob? Is the rescue going to let us adopt Bob?” She assured him that she was going to adopt Bob. Then he called back asking her, “Will Bob be at home when I get in from work tonight?” She told him, “Yes, Bob will be there.” When she hung up, she told us that her husband already feels love with Bob when he saw the photo we posted online and said that “we must adopt Bob!”

Bob was adopted! Jennifer sent many updates after getting Bob home. Her family was so excited, and her husband was over the moon in love with Bob. He made himself at home right away, and found his spot on their bed. I asked her, “Do you think Bob will work out? And remember, if Bob doesn’t work out, our rescue will take Bob back without any questions.” Jennifer told me not to worry, “Bob has found his forever home!”

It’s stories like this, where a cat/kitten from a high-kill shelter, then saved by a rescue, and then adopted to a true forever home, makes all the hard work of being a volunteer with an animal rescue group so worth it.

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