"Unashamed" and "Modern Kinship": Two Great Books for LGBTQ+ Christians

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This month, in honor of Pride, we are featuring several books by LGBTQ+ authors. Links at the end of this post to purchase both of these books.

When I was asked to review Modern Kinship: A Queer Guide to Christian Marriage by David and Constantino Khalaf, and Unashamed: A Coming-Out Guide For LGBTQ Christians by Amber Cantorna, I wasn’t sure as a straight cisgender woman that I was equipped to do the reviews. However, I told the publisher I was willing to take a look, and my daughter, who is bi, encouraged me to go ahead and review them.

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Both of these books are excellent. They are short quick reads, but with a lot of depth to them. The personal stories in both of these books not only help to show the Christian LGBTQ individual who may be reading them that they are not alone-that others have been where they’ve been and survived--but they also provide some great insight and food for thought. For parents and allies these books provide insights into what our friends and loved ones go through, especially those who are Christian, and I really appreciate that at the end of each chapter of Unashamed there is actually a little bit directed at parents and allies with tips on what kind of support we might be able to give.

There are heartwarming and heartbreaking stories in both books. Modern Kinship not only provides thoughts about the relationships of those in the LGBTQ community, but also for many straight men and women who have now moved away from much of the strict, conservative ideas about relationships that they were taught in church.

One of my favorite things about both books is that they made me aware of some of the things that those in the LGBTQ community go through that honestly had never crossed my mind. I hope these books have helped me become a better ally.

I highly recommend both books for fellow allies out there, and feel confident in recommending them to LGBTQ Christians as well. Both are very thoughtfully written and come from the heart. Also, I really enjoyed learning about David and Constantino’s relationship journey in Modern Kinship.

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