Feral Paws Rescue: A Very Special Boy Named Kylo

by Paula Hunsaker

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL's article about Feral Paws to learn more about them.

Kylo was rescued from Coalinga Shelter in California. Kylo had been at the shelter for a while. The shelter doesn’t get many adoptions for the animals located there, as this particular shelter is in a very rural area of California. The shelter staff work hard on contacting rescue groups to help the animals at the shelter make it out alive. Our rescue was contacted regarding Kylo, who needed to make it out of the shelter right away. His time had run out at the shelter and needed to be moved to a rescue or he would be euthanized.

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Once we were contacted, our rescue agreed to pull Kylo from the Coalinga shelter. The shelter staff told us how sweet and loving and so friendly Kylo was. But he was really having a hard time dealing with being in a kennel, since he was an owner surrender to the shelter and was used to living in a home not a cold kennel.

Kylo is a two-year-old, male, beautiful Siamese large at fifteen and a half pounds. Kylo is such a handsome boy!

We posted him on our Facebook page, with a photo of Kylo and his story. I was personally contacted by a long-time supporter of our rescue, David, who asked about Kylo. He was interested in adopting him. We talked about David adopting Kylo but being that David lives in Virginia, this was going to be hard getting Kylo to him. I worked on this for weeks trying to find a way to get this wonderful cat to David in Virginia. We contacted all organizations we work with on transports of our cats to out of state locations, but the problem I was running into was the distance. Flying Kylo via cargo was out of the question for our rescue to transport a cat.

After weeks of working on this and running into dead ends, I was ready to give up in making this work. I was at CCSPCA shelter talking with the rescue department, and I asked about getting a transport to Virginia. I was given the name of Wheels 4 Paws transport out of West Virginia who come to California once a month. I contacted Beth with Wheels 4 Paws and found out I just missed their transport which had already left California, but would be back in October in California to pick up animals from Rescue Groups in need of out of state transports.

I contacted David and gave him the wonderful news but that it would be a month before we could get Kylo on the transport. David was excited and we both went ahead and filled out the application and got Kylo a spot on the next transport.

On October 28, Kylo left California on his travels for three days across many states on the road to his new home in Virginia. David followed the day with me texting and sending photos of Kylo leaving California. In rescue we work so hard to save animals from High Kill Shelters that only have three to five days before being euthanized at those shelters. We pull them and bring them to our rescue and care for them daily working with them to find that special forever home. After spending so much time with them at the rescue, you get attached to them as you get to know them. They become a part of your daily life. Rescue is only a stopping spot for them before moving on in their life. It is so hard to say goodbye and see them move out of the rescue and your life into a new life with somebody. But that is what a rescue is all about: letting them go. And knowing in your heart all the work and effort you did to save their life was so rewarding when they move on to a forever home. Kylo was delivered safely and now has a wonderful life with David. Best wishes Kylo...we will miss you, but we’ll also feel happy knowing you are safe and loved at last.

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