"Note in the Nutcracker" & "Celtic Christmas" By Kathi Daley: Reviews/Giveaways

by Kathleen Costa

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Twice Upon Merry Christmas!
Kathi Daley is a master of holiday cozies, and at Christmas, she always provides ample amounts of tree trimming, cookie decorating, & family gatherings to add to an intriguing murder mystery!

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Note in the Nutcracker earns 5/5 Dear Santas...Endearing & Engaging!
Abby Sullivan may be an innkeeper, but she’s also a well-known writer who at this moment is struggling to pen the thriller due soon to her editor. A well-received distraction comes from BFF Georgia Carter’s culinary test runs; she’s been selected to compete in the Christmas cookie contest for Coastal Maine Living airing on local cable. It’s also the holidays, and the new guests are arriving each with their own story. One guest, Mylie Sanders, was told by a psychic her “soulmate” would be found in Holiday Bay, so the other guests, aptly dubbed bachelor one, two, and three, may just fit the psychic’s prediction. But, it’s the mystery of the life-size, antique nutcracker Abby’s friends sent as a gift that grabs everyone’s attention. Discovered lodged in it’s mouth is a “Dear Santa” letter, not asking for toys, but for an opportunity to spend time with her parents completing a list of holiday activities. As an homage to the little girl’s Christmas wish, completing the list is incorporated into the Inn’s daily festivities. However, the nutcracker’s providence as well as the who and why behind the letter sparks Abby’s interest to uncover the mystery about the young child, and subsequently, a murder for which the wrong man may have been convicted. Colt is out-of-town with his niece and nephew, so his “lawful” participation is more long distance. Oh, and all the “fur” friends are there for any needed support.

The Inn at Holiday Bay series is a marvelous addition to the Kathi Daley world with the first book released in late 2018, and with seven books, readers have experienced the Inn’s remodeling that revealed boxes, letters, a message, and answers along with the Inn in full capacity with a haunting, a pilgrim, and now a note that adds mystery to the lovely Victorian on the cliff. Abby’s personal tragedy is not far from her memory, but her strength and new found friendships have made her life rewarding and maybe a hint of a new romance? In Note in the Nutcracker, the mystery is quite intriguing and everyone gets involved with their best efforts to uncover the mystery of the “Dear Santa” letter, learning the sad history of Abby’s nutcracker, and uncovering the truth of a sad sixty-year-old murder. Christmas is always delightfully in full swing as Daley gives readers a marvelous view into a long list of Christmas activities. Her writing style and first-person narrative is filled with descriptive language and dialogue making this an entertaining page turner. Oops! I always like a bonus at the end of my story, so get a sneak peek at her new Zoe Donovan’s Celtic Christmas, but with a cookie contest and Georgia known for her creative meals, I would have enjoyed a recipe or two from Georgia’s kitchen...just saying.

Alert! Book Eight! Abby and residents of Holiday Bay will return in January 2020 with a new mystery, Blizzard on the Bay. Abby agrees to host a week-long writer’s retreat for seven budding writers. Unfortunately, Abby has a not-so-happy past with the mentor hired to facilitate the retreat. Then there’s a not-so-cozy murder...of course! Preorder HERE.

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Celtic Christmas earns 5/5 Irish Ancestors...Engaging Fun!
“My trip to Ireland four years ago had a profound effect on me.” Profound is right. Zoe was led to fascinating details about her long ago ancestors and a treasure by a...ghost, and after some additional searching, she connected with Adam Donovan, a distant cousin. When invited to his nuptials, it seemed a perfect opportunity to meet all her relatives face-to-face. So the Donovan-Zimmerman family heads off to the Emerald Isle and Dunphy Castle. She’ll have to tread lightly, though, as she discovers that the different families and some family members are holding on to some serious animosity and others just plain dislike; the most infamous seems to be Adam’s brother Tyson Donovan, dubbed the “black sheep.” Hopefully, all the wedding festivities will quiet the conflicts...ok, it’s a cozy mystery, what do you think! Zoe discovers a dark hallway, hears noises and voices, and finds a body! The “black sheep” is dead, and it seems there are more suspects with motives than shamrocks...jealousy, rivals, grudges, and grievances. The night’s rain storm had closed the road, so that means the killer was, and maybe still is, in the castle. “Why was it that no matter where in the world I was, I seemed to find myself smack dab in the middle of a murder investigation?”

Kathi Daley’s Zoe Donovan series was her first cozy mystery released in 2013, and thirty-three books later...I’m still an eager fan! Although Zoe has found dozens of bodies from here to there and back, escaped numerous perils from stalkers to kidnappings to murder attempts, and put dozens in jail, it is family that makes this series a favorite. Written from Zoe’s perspective including descriptive language and dialogue, her world comes to life. In Celtic Christmas, Ireland is beautiful and the ins and outs of the castle depict the perfect romantic venue for a wedding and the darkest scene for a crime. This mystery is engaging, characters well-developed, and the final solution was a delightful surprise. There is a village full of characters to keep track of, but it isn’t daunting, and there is a list of characters to refer to which includes their family affiliation and brief description. It may be a shorter story, but it is definitely not short on entertainment! Yeah! Recipes are my favorite bonus, and Kathi Daley always finds some easy-to-follow treats, perfect for any holiday: Apple Pie Biscuits, Pilgrim Pie, Mini Cherry Cheesecakes...Yum, of course, but Zoe was in Ireland. Some phonetic dialogue to represent the Irish brogue would have added to the ambiance, and including a more traditional Irish Christmas recipe from Dunphy Castle’s kitchen would have been great.

ALERT! It Began here! Zoe and Zak’s first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife was spent on the Emerald Isle, Zoe Donovan’s ancestral home. With some Shamrock Shenanigans, they are invited to a murder mystery weekend in Dunphy Castle, a real haunted castle. During their first night, one of the guests is found murdered, and the investigation reveals things are not as they appear and several guests are not who they claim to be. But, Zoe is in for a shock by the discovery of a family secret.

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Kathleen Costa is a long-time resident of the Central Valley, and although born in Idaho, she considers herself a “California Girl.” Graduating from CSU-Sacramento, she is a 35+ year veteran teacher having taught in grades 1-8 in schools from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Stockton to Lodi. Currently Kathleen is enjoying her retirement revitalizing hobbies along with exploring writing, reading for pleasure, and spending 24/7 with her husband.
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