Feral Paws Rescue: Special Kitty Named Raj

by Paula Hunsaker

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL's article about Feral Paws to learn more about them.

About six months back, I was walking around CCSPCA high-kill shelter and was looking at the cats tagged to be put down. Since our rescue is known at all the shelters, we pull from those cats pending to be put down and are already tagged.

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I noticed this big white boy tagged to be put down. He was sick with URI and could hardly see out of his eyes because the URI infection had begun set into his eyes. I asked if our rescue could pull him. I was asked by staff if I really wanted this kitty, “Paula, he is pretty sick with URI.” Nope, I wanted to pull him and give him a chance. The shelter kept telling me that he acted feral when they tried to touch or feed him. Nope, I decided, our rescue did not feel the same about their opinion of him. For one, he could hardly see out of his eyes due to the infection from the URI that had set in, and second he was in a high-kill shelter with the slamming of the kennel door and the smell of death all around him, not even knowing he was next on this list to be put down.

We took him back to our rescue and began a long process in getting him well enough to adopt out. Of course, when he got back to our rescue, he was jumpy and scared, and we began our long journey of getting Raj his medication treatment and getting him better. We gave him tons of attention, and he became an incredibly special kitty to our volunteers. Everyone gave him attention as his progress went along, and he was getting better. As things progressed, and when Raj was starting to feel much better, we found that he was a beautiful long-haired white kitty, and one of the sweetest kitties at our rescue.

Then it came time to make the choice for Raj to move on in life and find his forever home. Sometimes that’s a hard choice to make because he had stolen everyone’s heart at the rescue. I did not even list him out on our adoption site. I just put Raj out in our adoption area for cats ready to move on when we had appointments for a kitty to leave our rescue. In my heart, this was one of the hardest kitties to let go of and allow him to move on to his forever home. We had put so much time into him, and volunteers and everyone just fell in love with him. The day I put him out in the adoption area, we had an incredibly special lady coming to our rescue to look at the kitties for adoption. She was coming to look at another kitty we had listed on our adoption site. But right away when she walked into the adoption area it was Raj that captured her heart. She began a bond from the start of meeting him at our rescue. She did adopt Raj that day. I had tears of happiness for Raj, as well as tears of sadness to see him leave. We put so much effort and love into Raj getting him ready for this day, for him to move on in life.

After Raj left our rescue, we got an email from his new mom. She had taken him home and given him a bath and brushed him out and got him settled into his new forever home. Now his new name is Simba! She said that he was one of the most loving and sweetest kitties. That she just loved him. For us here at Feral Paws Rescue Group, it’s happy endings like this that keeps our rescue going, and not giving up on the scruffy looking kitties that have a chance at happy endings that are out there in shelters, in need of a forever home which they all deserve.

Check out the Feral Paws website to learn more about them, and keep an eye on their Facebook Page. They are based in Fresno, CA.

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