"Peace Talks" By Jim Butcher

by Kim Heniadis 
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I kept putting off writing this review because whenever someone wants a fantasy recommendation, The Dresden Files is the first series I mention… and Peace Talks by Jim Butcher just wasn’t as good as usual. Sure it was nice catching up with some of the characters, like Bigfoot, but some of the catching up was just a mention of seeing someone across the room and realizing years have passed and Ivy the Archive is now a teen.

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And then there was the awkwardness of Harry acting like a teenage boy with all of his sexual urges because of the Winter’s mantle wanting to be in control of Harry’s sex drive. Although he didn’t have a lot of sex, all of the mentions of thinking about sex started to make me feel like I was reading an Anita Blake novel (and I stopped reading that series awhile back because of all the sex and not a lot of substance when it came to the plot.) 

Besides all the repetition with thinking about sex, there was a bunch more in regards to mentioning how the Winter’s mantle allows you to ignore the pain of injuries but doesn’t cure it, Murphy with her not wanting to be handled with kid gloves even though she is still recovering from major injuries and is 100% human, and Grandpa McCoy stating over and over that vampires are evil. If you were to take out all the reiteration you could have taken the book down about 75 pages or more and combined books 16 and 17, since Battle Ground is just going to be the complete ending to Peace Talks

And I missed Bob. 

So as a long time fan of The Dresden Files, of course you are going to read Peace Talks… but maybe wait until right before the end of September when Battle Ground comes out so you can continue the book/story right away. And with all the lead up in Peace Talks I’m hoping/thinking Battle Ground is going to be epic… as long as Harry can stop thinking with his little head.  

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