"Deadly Bond" By Gemma Halliday: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Kathleen Costa

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Bond...Jamie Bond!

Jamie Bond was christened James by her father Derek Bond. It was his quirky desire to honor his childhood idol, but at a very early age she demanded to be called “Jamie.” Her father owned the Bond Agency, an L.A. private investigation firm known for its “domestic espionage.” After her father sustained an injury in the line of duty and the modeling world deemed her too old at twenty-six, Jamie returned home to take over the agency; she honed the necessary skills and techniques, improved the business’s success and reputation, and found she liked the intrigue. Her team of top-notch investigators, dubbed Bond Girls, look more like runway models than computer and weapons experts which includes associates bestie Samantha “Sam” Cross and socialite southern belle Caleigh Presley along with ex-Playmate and PI-in-training Maya Alexander. Together they take on a variety of clients who need information on philandering spouses, exes of all sorts, and one case of a husband cheating on his…diet? Circumstances have wrapped up Jamie with Assistant D.A. Aiden Price, who originally hunted her down as a murder suspect, and despite his use of the “L” word and her difficulty to respond, they are still enjoying a personal and professional connection. Answers are always found, but something simple often gets complicated, if not murderous.

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Deadly Bond
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The pandemic has effected everyone including the Bond Agency’s bottom line. The lockdown had curtailed much of the “stepping out,” so cases to uncover a spouse’s indiscretions are hard to come by. With the Agency’s rainy day funds evaporating, Jamie finds it necessary to take on any client...no matter how tedious, complicated, or odd. Enter Drake Deadly. Their newest client puts the image of aging rocker to shame. Lead member of the 90’s band Deadly Devils, is suspicious of his wife’s sudden request for a divorce; sure she is twenty years his junior, but she’s been taking serious advantage of living the “salons and Rodeo boutiques” lifestyle he provided. There’s a solid prenup and the substantial alimony doesn’t seem to be an issue. All he wants is for her to be followed and to report everything...who, when, where. But, in writing down some key details, Jamie learns the wife attends AAA meetings. Substance abuse? No, Drake’s wife attends a support group called Alien Abductees Anonymous. Well, beggars can’t be choosers, and the demand for “by tomorrow” is easily overlooked by a retainer with a couple extra zeros. But, things strike a sour note when the next day Drake doesn’t show up for their meeting...because he’s been found dead.

Brilliant! Gemma Halliday has given cozy mystery fans a delightful twist to the James Bond franchise with this sixth full-length book as engaging as the previous dramas with loads of giggling wit, precarious moments, and satisfying “karmic” justice. The “Deadly” murder is the center of the story with suspects and motives with band members who seek to capitalize on a resurgence of popularity, a wife who may have chosen widow over divorcée, some having anger issues, some have secrets to protect, and someone chose murder. Jamie’s connections with best friends, colleagues, community residents, and law enforcement lend themselves to fascinating and heart-warming relationships to follow along with a romantic triangle that could split readers between Team Aiden and Team Danny. A PI firm doesn’t just work on one case at a time, and here, the Bond Agency finds their case load reprises a former, yet annoyingly entitled, client sending them to a high-end retirement facility to investigate a possible “gigolo.” Shakin’ AND Stirrin’ up the entertainment...don’t miss out!

Newbies! It’s always important to raise the issue of whether or not a newbie can easily join well into the series. YES! I am not a newbie to the series, but those that are will find more than enough background and character connections in the first chapter to get caught up and ready to enjoy quite a clever cozy.

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6 Deadly Bond (2020)

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New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Gemma Halliday pens other popular and entertaining series cozy fans will enjoy. Along with this twelve-book High Heels Mysteries, a New York Times bestselling series, I am a big fan of her six-book Wine & Dine Mysteries, but I also greatly enjoy her other work that combines full-length books and some entertaining short stories. Check out her exciting cozy series: Hollywood Headlines, Jamie Bond, Marty Hudson, and Tahoe Tessie Mysteries. She also has thrillers with Anna Smith & Nick Dade and the Deadly Cool series. Her other hat is as publisher with Gemma Halliday Publishing fostering many exciting authors. 

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  1. I don't think I've seen any of the Bond movies so
    I don't have anything to compare the book to,
    but it sounds more exciting that many cozies.
    thanks txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  2. Great article/review. I would love to read the Bond Series in print format and review it as I would the authors other books.
    What Bond Movies have I seen? Several actually. I've seen Casino Royale, Die Another Day, Golden Eye, Tomorrow Dies, License To Kill, A View To Kill, Octopussy, For Your Eyes Only, Moonraker, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Man With The Golden Gun, Live and Let Die, Diamonds are Forever, Gold Finger, From Russia With Love, Dr. No and more. Yes I saw all these over my lifetime and loved them just as I love books like Gemma Halliday Writes. Love books like this and would love to read and review the author's books in print format.
    Hope I Win.

  3. Would really like to read. Thanks for the chance.


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