"Kiss ‘N Tell" By Kathi Daley: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Mysteries by the Bay

Ainsley Holloway’s journey to uncover the truth about her family has landed her in the little hamlet of Gooseberry Bay, Washington. After the untimely death of the man whom she called “Dad,” she found an old photograph of a young woman with two children which has plagued her thoughts spurring her to question everything she had been told. Her truth was that she’d been rescued at the age of three on Christmas Eve by a first-on-the-scene cop, adopted by said cop, and subsequently provided a good life as his own daughter: cared for, nurtured, and loved. As an adult she became a respected reporter and later her “dad’s” partner in a private investigation firm he started after being injured in the line of duty. She inherited her father’s interest in mysteries, so the mystery of who she really is and where she came from is one she’s unable to ignore. Slowly long-ago memories, images, and her “real” name have bubbled up, but still questions remain. In Gooseberry Bay, although with making new friends, her search has yielded a possible connection to the wealthy Winchester family who live on a cliff side estate, but what connection is still unconfirmed. Her budding friendship with Adam Winchester is well worth exploring, but at what risk. A recent anonymous text can’t be ignored. The veiled threat causes her great concern...“Ava is dead. It’s best to let her stay that way.”

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Kiss ‘N Tell
earns 5/5 Casanova Cats...Engaging and Entertaining!

“Ainsley Holloway Investigations was now open for business.” It’s a slow start, no clients yet, until ten-year-old Lizzie Hamilton walks in with a jar of coins wanting to hire Ainsley in her official capacity...the case? A missing cat. Well, it’s something, until a more compelling mystery soon pops up when a young man is found murdered. College students are pouring into the little hamlet for the fitness competition hosted by Sunfit Gyms for which several women are vying for the top prize of a very lucrative spokesperson contract. Kevin, a new acquaintance at the yogurt shop, tells Ainsley about his summer camp buddies arriving in town for the festivities, but their college bravado turns contentious with their own competition, The Casanova Challenge. Points are awarded for random acts of romance: one point for an offered drink, two points for getting a number, three for scoring a kiss, and ten for just scoring. But, bullying one friend to start chalking up some points has him leaving with a woman, and later, found dead in a vacant house.

Purrrfect! Kathi Daley has really done one better with this fourth book in her A Cottage on Gooseberry Bay series. Ainsley is settling in, making friends, and excited about starting her own private investigation’s business right on the Bay. Although her personal search for answers about her family has yielded some details of complicated connections and conspiracies fueling several theories, the murder mystery of the young man is once again creative, intriguing, and, of course, evolves into a team effort. The premise is a key element; I can suspend disbelief when it comes to non-official busybodies and the circumventing of official channels, but the mystery has to have an air of realism. A challenge among friends, however immature, grabbed my attention, but don’t think you have it all figured out: jealousy, greed, revenge, or wrong place, wrong time. Daley adds a few twists to keep things interesting, topping it off with an “I didn’t see that coming.” However, several key avenues in the investigation occur off the page and are only recapped or summarized by those in the know. Her writing style is entertaining painting well the northwest setting, friends and family, and several charming to criminal personalities; all of which have fans, like me, eager to return to Gooseberry Bay! 

Alert! Book Five, Charmed Summer, is on preorder HERE, and set to be released in April. Ainsley's PI business is keeping her very busy. Her new case is pro bono for a woman who shares a similar story: abandoned as a child at a church, her adoptive mother has passed away, and the only item she feels may hold answers to her birth is a charm bracelet, one of which has led her to Gooseberry Bay. 

Alert Part Two! For fans of Audible, you’re in luck; the Cottage on Gooseberry Bay series is available. Although you can purchase the first three books in the series individually, but why not get them all in one book set: Cottage on Gooseberry Bay Books 1-3 (12 hrs/41 mins). Narrator Angel Clark brings her voice artistry going beyond a traditional reading out loud to enrich Kathi Daley’s drama.

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    I'm curious and interested in seeing how Ainsley approaches her problems and solves them. I'm really curious and interested in seeing how the murder is solved .
    Look forward to getting to know more about the author and their books.
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  10. I’d love to read this! Legallyblonde1961@yahoo.com


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