Feral Paws Rescue: Chimera Found Her Forever Home!

 By Paula Hunsaker

Chimera was pulled from a high-kill shelter. She is such a sweetheart girl, and a beautiful calico who loves to talk to humans she meets at our adoption center. Chimera did get adopted at one point but was returned by the adopter. Reason being that she wanted too much attention from her new adopter and wanted to be on their lap. The adopter did not want a lap cat, so she was returned to our rescue and placed back into our adoption area. She would sit there on her blanket on a cat tree and just watch the possible adopter come into our cattery to see the kitties up for adoption. Chimera did not seem interested in greeting them like she did before. She would just watch and make no effort to get down to greet them like in the past.

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Then I received a request from a lady that was looking for a lap kitty, one that would be her own kitty, since their other kitty had become her husband’s cat and gave her husband all the attention. She told me that she had just lost the love of her life, Zoe, whom she had from a kitten and was a senior cat that had been declining in health due to her age. She missed her so much and wanted to find a cat to be a lap kitty, and one that would bond with her and would cuddle with her since her husband worked nights. She had been to so many shelters and other rescues and still just had not found that special kitty to give a forever home to. I did not know if we could match her up with that special kitty, but I told her let's give it a try and see if we could match her up with a kitty for her to love.

They came out to the rescue to visit our adoptable kitties in our cattery. She was visiting with our kitties there when she noticed Chimera. She reached down to pet Chimera where she was sleeping on her blanket. That is all it took for them both...the one special touch. Chimera was up and talking to her, and it was love at the start. Her husband held Chimera, and she was so content in his arms and especially in her arms. They both fell in love with Chimera. There was a bond between them as soon as they held her. Chimera was adopted by this incredibly special family that was so excited to take her home. They renamed her Lyla. Not only did Chimera (Lyla) find her forever home, her new family has become dear friends and we text every night about how she is doing. They let me know how much they love her and what a good girl she is, and I know she is going to be so spoiled and loved forever! The talks between us are such a wonderful feeling of happiness in knowing that Chimera (Lyla) has a wonderful new mom and dad that love her so much already, and that she has completely stolen their hearts. In rescue seeing our kitties find that wonderful forever home is so rewarding knowing they will forever be safe from harm.

Please, adopt a pet, don’t shop. Give a tossed away animal a second chance at having a safe and loving forever home. Your heart will be glad you did, and so will their hearts.  

Check out the Feral Paws website to learn more about them, and keep an eye on their Facebook Page. They are based in Fresno, CA.

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  1. Rescued is the only breed I allow into my life! Never have I had a problem even adding in new adopts I totally support our local shelter - they are 93% No Kill and working on the 100%!


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