"See Something" 
by Carol J. Perry: Review/Giveaway

Review by Cynthia Chow

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Lee Barrett has experienced many changes since she returned to her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts. Not only is the former Maralee Kowalski a too-young widow, she has rotated through being a Miami home-shopping-channel host, investigative reporter, instructor on television production, and even a call-in late-night TV psychic. Her last evolution has been the promotion to WCH-TV’s new producer and program director, a job with many responsibilities as Lee juggles three weekly shows and develops an entirely new one. While she finds creating a children’s program with nostalgia favorites Ranger Bob and Katie the Clown delightful and challenging, Lee is even more drawn into the mystery when she stumbles into a young woman with no memory of her identity. Lee’s journalistic instincts are further triggered when a man is found dead at the beach, drowned not by the ocean but by fresh water.

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Lee’s boyfriend Detective Pete Mondello is more than a little suspicious about Jane Doe’s claims of having “transient global amnesia,” but Lee and her friends are more sympathetic to the likable and very vulnerable waif. Leading the investigation into the mystery of Jane and the washed up corpse is Lee’s Aunt Ibby, who along with her best friends have become their own team of Angels (just without the Charlie). Lee herself is still growing into her powers as a gazer, able to see visions in reflective surfaces. Her inherited familiar cat O’Ryan is far more comfortable with his intuitive behavior, and Lee is going to need all the help she can get as she tracks down the identities of two mysterious individuals who may be involved in the future of Salem town’s development.

This eleventh of the series continues to progress Lee’s growth in both her professional and personal lives. Her romance with Pete is going along quite swimmingly, with the detective cautioning her to be safe while knowing that her gifts – and her irrepressible aunt – make staying on the sidelines of investigations impossible. Lee progressing through jobs as a reporter, host, teacher, psychic, and now a head producer keeps every new book fascinating while also realistically depicting her path towards a satisfying career. Plotwise this story is fun and keeps readers on their toes, as they are never entirely sure of “Jane’s” authenticity no matter how much Lee trusts in her intuition. It is Lee’s intelligence, not to mention the perseverance of her aunt’s Angels, who deliver the solution as much as any mystical visions, which always are as vague as they are alarming. A sweet bow at the end of this tale will have readers anxious for the next installment featuring this bemusing cast of friends, wiccans, and perceptive familiars. 

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