"Grevy Danger" A Kenya Kanga Mystery By Victoria Tait: Review/Giveaway

 Review by Kathleen Costa

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 “Habari” From Kenya!

Rose Hardie grew up in and around Nairobi, met and married her husband Craig forty years ago, and raised two children, Chris and Heather. Her family moved out of the city to Nanyuki, a small community nestled in the shadow of Mount Kenya. She has been the community veterinary paraprofessional specializing in domestic and farm animals, but doesn’t shy away from any of Kenya’s finest wildlife. This, along with her friendly and accommodating manner, has made her a very well-liked person known by the locals as “Mama Rose.” After the death of her husband, she has not lacked support. Thabiti, the son of a childhood friend, has stayed close and become protective of Mama Rose since together they successfully investigated the murder of his mother. Dr. Emma is Rose’s boss and together they compliment each other with their veterinary talents. Chloe Collins, the young expat, has found Rose’s friendship and council extremely helpful since her husband is often away for work. She is also close to her household staff and they to her, and the members of the local constabulary value her knowledge often officially enlisting her help. Life may have its problems, but it is the diversity of the environment and the people that continue to make Kenya her home.

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Grevy Danger
Earns 5/5 Grevy’s Zebras…Engaging & Clever Page-Turner!

Mama Rose hopes for a little peace and quiet to grieve over the death of her husband, but as they say, life goes on. Thabiti is helping an exhibition photograph the wreckage of a WWII bomber, but also an acquaintance is joining them in a personal search for the missing Munro couple whose plane went down in the same area almost a decade ago. Dr. Emma heard rumors a Nairobi-based vet is seriously considering a move to Nanyuki, so she feels it is prudent to upgrade her veterinary facilities. Hellen Newton, a new-to-the-area real estate agent, meets with Dr. Emma about a possible location, however the property is in poor condition and the locale is a big, noisy deal breaker. Rose finds getting out and about has been good for her, and agrees to help Hellen meet the local women of the East Africa Women’s League as a way to gain some normality. Chloe’s husband is still away a lot, and she complains of being bored, so Rose suggests she attend the Women’s League meeting, if only to address her misconceptions that the women are “fuddy-duddies.” Also, Rose agrees to participate in the Great Grevy’s Rally. Unfortunately, a shocking death gives Mama Rose a feeling of “foreboding.” But is it murder? A second death may provide more evidence.

Brilliant! Victoria Tait rewrote her novelette into a full-length story as the fifth book in her Kenya Kanga…I absolutely love it! There is a lot happening in this well-written page turner with many characters directly and indirectly involved in the drama. She has cleverly woven together a decades long missing persons’ case, sibling rivalry, unrequited love, harassment and threats, land conflicts and curses, robberies, multiple murders, and…zebras. I couldn’t put down! The book length (250+ pages) allows Tait to delve more deeply into character growth, relationships, side stories started in previous books, and further insights about living in Kenya. Despite any complexity, it is easy to read with delightfully short chapters, a favorite element. The eclectic characters vary in background, personality, status, gender, and age, but it is Rose’s maturity and her mother-like friendship to to many that I enjoy. The Great Grevy’s Rally is a fascinating conservation bi-annual event and its inclusion highlighted the endangered Grevy’s zebra, of which I knew very little, and the efforts to protect its population. Of course along with the twists and turns and a surprising conclusion to a multiple murder scenario, readers are treated to close relationships and the beauty that is Kenya’s flora and fauna. The local language is used, and although many words are defined in context, Tait provided a Kiswahili Word Glossary, and in the eBook version, many of those words are linked to the glossary. Don’t overlook at the end an additional scene that ties up one of the criminal investigations.

Kenya Kanga Mystery

Do you enjoy cozies with an edge, set in an exotic environment with cultural realism, and filled with diverse characters and intriguing flora and fauna? Victoria Tait’s series is the perfect choice!

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Grevy Danger (2021)

Alert! I am very excited to learn the sixth book, Wild Dog Revenge, is set for a November 12, 2021 release and is on preorder at Amazon HERE. “Mama Rose just wants to enjoy a local polo tournament and care for any injured horses. But when a polo player is found dead in a stable…our silver-haired investigator is to discover the deadly truth.”

Google-worthy! The Great Grevy’s Rally is an actual event first started in January 2016 by the Grevy’s Zebra Trust. Its mission is to take an on-the-ground census of the surviving Grevy’s zebra population using hundreds of people, volunteers and experts alike. Using digital photography, GPS markers, and individual identification, the event in 2020 resulted in positive evidence that the population was sustaining itself despite drought and conflicts. The next event is set for 2022.

photographer: Karen Judge

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Drawing on years of living in a rural area of Kenya, Victoria uses her experiences to engage readers in her five-book Kenya Kanga Mystery series. The best place for people to find Victoria Tait and learn more about her and her books is her newsletter. Sign up on her website, and if you join the mailing list, you can download book one, Fowl Murder, for free.

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