"Ghosts, Private Eyes, & Dead Guys" By Jennifer Fischetto: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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I See Dead Guys and…Gals

At eight years old, “I fell, hit my head, and died for one minute and thirty-two seconds,” and ever since, Gianna Mancini has been able to see, hear, and talk to dead people. Her “special gift” is a closely guarded secret known only to her parents and siblings and, recently her beau Julian Reed and parapsychologist Dr. Winifred Styles. The ghostly apparitions show up unannounced, floating about, unseen and unheard by anyone else making Gianna’s interactions tricky. Trickier still is, as Gianna learned, the ghosts aren’t decades or centuries-old spirits unable to find their way to the light, they are victims of a recent, unfortunate, murder, and need Gianna’s help to solve the mystery of their death. Their memories of the tragic event lack clarity, so their assistance is a challenge. Even without their ghostly help, though, and adding some perilous moments, Gianna has been successful uncovering the truth and helping them float to the beyond that happens to be where the freezer sits in her family’s deli kitchen, and surprisingly, the exact location of Gianna’s near-death event.

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Ghosts, Private Eyes, & Dead Guys
Earns 5/5 Vampire Kisses…Entertaining Treat!

Like many, Halloween is Gianna’s favorite holiday, and attending a big Halloween party hosted by Hudson Carter is the perfect way to get your haunting on. Mr. Carter is the senior partner at Carter, Hamilton, & Levine, a law firm that has Julian on speed dial as a private investigator and fixer for clients in sticky situations, and, in full vampire regalia, he greets Gianna, a mini-skirted witch, and Julian, as “her [cleverly punned] ghost.” The party surpasses all expectations with themed cocktails, 5-star treats, and all-night dancing, but to Julian’s discomfort, the evening also includes an elaborate haunted house offering ghoulish fun from spooky to nightmarish. In one room, a spiritualist’s routine starts out friendly fun, then, she points at Gianna, “Watch out! There’s danger ahead…” Curious to say the least, prophetic at its worse. It’s worse! Gianna finds the host bleeding out on the floor, and hearing him fight to answer, “Ghost,” to the detective’s question “Who stabbed you?” adds to her fears. Where is Julian’s costume?

No Trick…All Treat! Jennifer Fischetto has penned a delightful sixth book in her Gianna Mancini series just in time for the Halloween season with more than one ghostly sighting. The death of Hudson Carter turns problematic for more than just himself since Julian gets arrested for murder, but his appearance in Gianna’s room gives her the inside track in the investigation. He starts out confused and, like other experiences, isn’t able to name the killer. His law firm has taken over Julian’s defense, and since he’s “never abandoned a client,” he agrees to stick around providing key details, direction, and valuable insights to help clear Julian. What a compelling drama with plenty of intriguing issues and suspects to explore from members of the law firm and clients to those who may have a grudge or taken exception to Carter’s professional and personal decisions. Jennifer’s writing style uses a present-tense form making it something to get used to, but her well-developed story, witty banter, rich characters, and a shocking conclusion make this quite an entertaining read. She has created a fun family dynamic and an endearing relationship between Gianna and Julian, and beyond the murder mystery, readers get further insights into Julian’s past and the ins and outs of being a “ghost whisperer.” A favorite ghostly gem!

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Pop’s 60th birthday, uninvited family, a major storm, and a dead body. Gianna is greatly challenged by the weather, an uncooperative ghost, and the thought, could the killer be family?

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13 Scary Good Halloween Cocktails

 Image Source Evermine

Hudson Carter’s big Halloween bash included a variety of Halloween-themed cocktails like the Vampire’s Kiss Martini. Check out my favorite resource (https://www.evermine.com/blog/) for blogs highlighting party ideas, DIY projects, and gifts for any occasion. Enjoy these lucky “13” cocktail ideas, including the Vampire’s Kiss, to put the “boo” in your holiday gathering.

Vampire Kiss

“Dracula had an insatiable thirst, and so will your friends when they see this cool cocktail. To make it, you’ll need: 1 oz. mango vodka, 1 oz. coconut rum, 1 oz. sweet and sour mix, a splash of grenadine, and ice. Pour all the ingredients into cocktail shaker and shake. Serve over ice.”

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