"Three’s a Clowder" Crazy Cat Lady Mystery By Gin Jones: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Originally, Gin Jones started writing her Crazy Cat Lady series in late 2019, and I was lucky to get a sneak peek. I found it a clever and entertaining cozy mystery starring a young nurse and her oversized cat, both with unique and fascinating abilities, navigating a dystopian world hit hard by the “Disasters” that ten years prior decimated much of the human and animal population from the “Tox.” Then 2020 came about with Covid infecting the world, and Gin decided to hold off releasing book one because of so many eerily similar elements. She kept on writing, though, and now in 2021, she has three books to share, one more in December, in her Crazy Cat Lady Chronicles. Don’t. Miss. Out.

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Traveling Crazy Cat Lady!

Wyn Miller, a nurse practitioner at City Hospital, tended to the many Tox patients who were, sadly, nearing the end of their lives. Unfortunately, the toll it took on her emotions was too much, so…she quit, took possession of her final patient’s cat, a rare commodity, and went searching for a community where she might open her own medical practice. In the interim, she found Sal, the large, orange Maine Coon cat, had an unusual, yet positive, effect on Tox patients, so her plan is to offer “animal therapy” services to her medical repertoire. But, with many communities having fallen into disarray and dysfunction, finding a new place was a challenge (One Cat for the Road). She took a position with the Federal Health Administration as a medical practitioner charged to travel among different rural communities providing necessary medical treatments. She’d also advertised herself as a private nurse to Tox patients providing her the opportunity to give FHA treatments and have her own practice as well (Two Cats are Better Than One). Along with gathering extra felines, thanks to Sal, a few suspicious deaths, not related to the Tox, have had her honing her detective expertise. Updated resumé: Wyn Miller…nurse, detective, and crazy cat lady!

Three’s a Clowder Earns 5/5 Cookie Bribes…Engaging, Clever Entertainment!

Wyn leaves Silver Glen having learned a thing or two more about Tox patients, cats, and how to solve a murder, and, with a clowder of five cats, she sets off for Harrisfield, one of the most successful towns to reestablish itself after the “Disasters.” She’s accepted a position to nurse Elizabeth Crane who, sadly, is in the final stages of the Tox. Wyn doesn’t pull any punches about the prognosis, but promises to make Lizzie’s final days comfortable. Wyn has discovered that along with the presence of her cats, if a patient is engaged with visitors, there is an additional positive effect on their attitude, and in the case of a previous patient, their health. She manages to bribe the local gossip to visit regularly and provide some entertainment for Lizzie by telling stories about the local happenings which includes the conflict between the town’s leader Todd Harris and the new schoolteacher Miss Augusta Rogers. Wyn witnesses the hostility first hand and how it seems to be dividing the town when she attends a town meeting as Lizzie’s proxy. Miss Augusta, with a small number in support, is advocating stopping the production and sale of the local wine and hard cider as, in her opinion, it contributes to excess and offers a poor image for the town’s children. However, the opposition, with numerous in support, understand the business gives Harrisfield one up on other communities along with profits doing a lot to support the community and its goals. However, the next day the problem is solved…the teacher is found dead.

Meow-velous! Gin Jones has again taken a vexing topic and made it engaging and entertaining adding a pinch of politics, a rash of robberies, and a clowder of cats. The details surrounding the Tox and the “Disasters” are cleverly developed, but they’re not the main thrust to the drama. It is fascinating how Wyn uses her ability to read auras, a talent she hides from those who would dismiss its effectiveness in monitoring and diagnosing patients, and discovering that her cats, too, offer an edge in treatments is also an unique element. Themes of resilience, camaraderie, and finding one’s inner strength are in the forefront along with Wyn and her quiet, unobtrusive style for investigating murders. The side characters offer interesting challenges from the gossip/reporter who pushes for details and a stalker turned assistant who desires fame and fortune to the town’s leader trying to ensure his community’s success and someone who thought murder was the answer. Another attack, a growling witness, and so much at risk culminates in a surprise ending. Well-written. Engaging. Witty. Top favorite!

Crazy Cat Lady Chronicles

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Three’s a Clowder (2021)

Four Cat Night (December, 2021)

Preorder Alert! Book Four, Four Cat Night, is a charming novella currently set to release December 1. It is up on Amazon Preorder HERE. It’s the Christmas holidays, and nurse-practitioner Wyn Miller is eager for some quiet time with her clowder of cats. However, the holidays turn homicide when a stranger dies of suspicious circumstances. There’s just too many questions for Wyn to overlook the incident, but can she uncover the truth and still enjoy the holidays?

Be a Big Gin Jones Fan!

USA Today bestselling author Gin Jones writes several cozy mystery series. She penned my favorite Garlic Farm Mysteries which follows Mabel Skinner who inherited her aunt’s garlic farm. She also wrote the Helen Binney Mysteries about the former governor’s wife whose physical challenges do not prevent her investigating trouble. She is part of two multi-author series: the Danger Cove Farmer’s Market Mystery following Maria Dolores, manager of the Lighthouse Farmers’ Market and Danger Cove Quilting Mysteries featuring quilt-appraiser-turned-amateur sleuth Keely Fairchild along with a crossover partnering Maria and Keely together. All are well worth one’s time! 

Website – Gin Jones


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