"Wild Dog Revenge" A Kenya Kanga Mystery By Victoria Tait: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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“Habari” From Kenya!

Sixty-something Rose Hardie, known by the locals as “Mama Rose,” is recently widowed and living in Nanyuki, a small market town set in the shadow of Mount Kenya. She’s been working for decades as a veterinary paraprofessional and currently assisting veterinarian Dr. Emma in performing various duties at her clinic set to be renovated and updated as a full-service facility. Rose’s specialty is primarily domestic and farm animals for whom she creates a variety of herbal remedies, but she doesn’t shy away from any of Kenya’s finest wildlife. Along with dealing with injuries, illnesses, and inoculations, Mama Rose has found herself entangled in investigations…murder investigations. From a childhood friend to a conservationist, a colleague to a fellow hotel guest and then a stranger who collapsed in front of her, she is never alone in seeking answers often collaborating with the local constabulary. Life may have its challenges, but it’s the diversity of the flora, the fauna, the people, and the culture that continue to make Kenya her home.

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Wild Dog Revenge
Earns 5/5 Chukkas…Engaging and Clever!

Mama Rose has been called out to the North Kenya Polo Club to examine Trigger, a palomino owned by Jasper Armitage, who may have been injured when spooked by a pack of African wild dogs that seem to have taken up residence just beyond the polo pitch. Due to the additional worry whether the pack poses any threat to humans and with solutions limited due to the wild dogs endangered species status, it is decided to relocate the polo tournament to another facility. However, for all involved, a pack of wild dogs doesn’t compare to the kerfuffle on the pitch between two competing players. Armitage gets into a tussle with an opposing player, Felix Kamau, which seriously injures Armitage’s horse putting it and him out of the next matches. Lodging a complaint to the steward about Kamau’s continued dangerous play is for naught. The incident, however aggressive, is not illegal, so no action is taken. The conflict isn’t the only issue worthy as a motive for murder, especially when Felix is later found dead in one of the horse stalls. Round up the usual suspects: angry competitors, disgruntled husbands, dismissed employees, and other horse owners, buyers, and sellers. The extensive list is a challenge Mama Rose and the constabulary will need to “rein” in.

Scoooore! Victoria Tait has scored another top mark with the sixth, and final, book in her Kenya Kanga Mystery series with uber competitors, contentious polo matches, and the dark side of the equine community, and to spice it up, throwing in some interpersonal personals. The murder mystery is clever revealing much about the sport’s hierarchy from the wealthy horse owners and polo players to the facility managers and grooms along with a fascinating look into the sport of polo. Along with an engaging murder investigation with which Rose collaborates well with law enforcement, a rash of robberies stump everyone as to whether it is all connected. Victoria’s writing style is filled with vivid descriptions (I love the play by play of the polo matches) and banter that illustrates well the tone, emotions, and varied personalities, but I greatly enjoyed the side stories she incorporates that have Rose acting as a friend, mentor, and confidant to several young people who are venturing out into business, struggling with marital issues, or hoping to carve out a happy future. These stories round out a delightful read by providing a deeper, richer look into the different characters from expats to long-time and native residents of the area. Totally entertaining. Highly recommend.

Google-worthy! Polo, to many, might conjure images of British colonialism, but originally polo came from Persia. It was fascinating to learn not only historical background, but the rules and nuances of the game. It seemed reminiscent of playing field hockey in high school. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have had a horse then!

Additionally, Victoria Tait always provides fascinating background into one particular member of Kenya’s diverse wildlife from guinea fowl to elephants, from rhinos to jackals to zebras, and now one of Africa’s most endangered carnivore species…the African wild dogs, often called painted dogs or wolves. The insights Tait provided added an informative dimension.

Kenya Kanga Mystery

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Drawing on years of living in a rural area of Kenya, Victoria uses her experiences to engage readers in her six-book Kenya Kanga Mystery series, and making my favorites list for 2021. She also shared exciting news in this book announcing a new series focusing on Chloe’s timid houseguest, Dotty Sayers, who, after the death of her husband, takes a temporary job in an antiques centre and discovers a body in a giant grandfather clock. Hour is Come will be a complimentary prequel in the Dotty L. Sayers Antique Mysteries only available to subscribers of her newsletter. Sign up on her website, and if you join the mailing list, you can also download book one, Fowl Murder, for free. 

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