"Four Cat Night" By Gin Jones: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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Don’t Miss Out! Gin Jones originally started writing this Crazy Cat Lady series in late 2019; I was extremely lucky to get a sneak peek finding it very a clever and entertaining cozy about a young nurse and her oversized cat navigating a dystopian world that ten years prior was hit hard by the “Disasters” decimating much of the human and animal population from the “Tox.” Then, unfortunately, in 2020 Covid infected the world, and Gin chose sensitivity over business holding off releasing book one. Despite some eerily similar elements, she kept writing, and now in 2021, she has four books to share in her Crazy Cat Lady Chronicles.

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The Crazy Cat Lady!

Wyn Miller was a nurse practitioner at City Hospital, but tending to Tox patients, sadly, took a terrible toll on her emotions, so she quit, took custody of the cat belonging to her final patient, and went looking for a community to open her own medical practice. She discovered the Maine Coon cat, named Sal, had a therapeutic effect on the attitudes and health of her patients, so she decided to add “animal therapy” services to her repertoire. Since many communities had fallen into disarray, finding a new place, however, was a challenge (One Cat for the Road). Wyn was hired by the Federal Health Administration charged to travel among different rural communities, starting in Silver Glen, and provide necessary treatments, but she’d also advertised herself as a private nurse to Tox patients. The opportunity gave her time to explore her theories on alternative treatments (Two Cats are Better Than One). Thanks to Sal, Wyn came into possession of more cats, but taking care of a wealthy woman in the last stages of the Tox was both bitter and sweet. She took on a temporary assistant, continued to explore her theories, and again honed her detective expertise with another suspicious death, not related to the Tox (Three’s a Clowder). All of this has Wyn garnering a fascinating reputation: Wyn Miller…nurse, detective, and crazy cat lady!

Four Night Cat Earns 5/5 Curious Cats…Entertaining& Engaging!

Wyn was humbled by the generosity of her last Tox patient who provided her with a permanent home and some long-term financing which allows her the perfect opportunity to expand her patient care and continue her research into various treatments. Her patients aren’t expected until the new year and Clifton, her assistance, is away picking up some temp work at City Hospital, so for the holidays it’s just Wyn, Sal, the other cats, and…Marty who, due to having bartered his wood stash away, has taken up temporary residence on Wyn’s couch. But, the peace and joy of the season is interrupted when a young woman’s body is found appearing to have succumbed to hypothermia. The local law, Sheriff Rush McManus, asks for Wyn’s medical expertise along with her insights. Wyn’s success with the previous murder that shook up the community proved she’s more than just a nurse. But, with no real evidence at the scene, no items to identify the body, and no one having seen her around the area, the note in her possession with Wyn’s new address on it turns out to be a curious clue.

Brilliant! Gin Jones continues to treat a challenging time and struggling community with sensitivity, and despite some issues and attitudes similar to real-life (what books don’t address some contemporary issues), I am fascinated and adamant that cozy fans not avoid this clever series. The compelling drama is set in the cold of winter with an unidentified woman falling prey to the frigid temperatures, but having Wyn’s address with her made the incident curious, raising issues and exacerbating fears that many outspoken residents fear the town may become a magnet for Tox patients. The search for information about the victim starts with her identity, and then, the story delves deeper into other residents from Harrisfield: competitive brothers, antagonistic troublemaker, the town’s mayor, local PR rep, and a plethora of others who have their own way of coping, bartering for their needs, and building a life. It’s the holiday season, too, so trying to find the perfect gift, making surprise decorations, and enjoying times with friends is nicely woven in. Don’t. Miss. Out.

Crazy Cat Lady Chronicles

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Four Cat Night (2021)

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USA Today bestselling author Gin Jones writes several traditional mysteries. She penned my favorite Garlic Farm Mysteries which follows Mabel Skinner who inherited her aunt’s garlic farm. She also wrote the Helen Binney Mysteries about the former governor’s wife whose physical challenges do not prevent her investigating trouble. She is part of two multi-author series: the Danger Cove Farmer’s Market Mystery following Maria Dolores, manager of the Lighthouse Farmers’ Market and Danger Cove Quilting Mysteries featuring quilt-appraiser-turned-amateur sleuth Keely Fairchild along with a crossover partnering Maria and Keely together. All are well worth one’s time! 

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