"Fatal Fantasy" By Jane Tesh: Review/Giveaway

Review by Kathleen Costa

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It’s Parkland, North Carolina, and an eclectic group live in a Victorian house at 302 Grace Street: a private detective, a psychic, his wife, a primary school teacher, and a sci-fi fanatic. David Randall, the private detective, also has his office in the first floor parlor. He’s reenergized his interest in PI work, but still shows the emotional scars from the tragic death of his eight-year-old daughter four years ago. John Camden, the psychic, known only by Camden, is the owner of the Victorian, Randall’s good friend, and an unofficial member of the investigating team. He hasn’t always been eager to share his special talent, despite being helpful, and lately an appearance of telekinetic abilities has been problematic. Camden’s wife Ellin, whom he calls Ellie, is the producer for the Psychic Service Network with several shows airing about the paranormal, but being five months pregnant, her emotions can be a bit of a roller coaster. Kary Ingram, a primary school teacher, is Randall’s girlfriend and roommate. Her own tragic past led to her being cut off from a very strict religious family with whom she has little interest in reconciliation. Stuart King, the sci-fi fan, dresses, speaks, and acts Klingon. The gang at 302 Grace Street may all be different in experience and perspective, but they are as close as family.

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Fatal Fantasy
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David and Camden are big fans of old sci-fi movies and such, and are beside themselves excited about the ExtravaganzaCon at which they plan to spend the week seeing the exhibits, meeting their favorite characters, and participating in several multi-genre events. However, there’s a few things that need to be done first. David has a case: Pastor Ingram, wealthy televangelist and Kary’s estranged father, has hired his agency to find out the identity of the “Angel of Truth“ who is posting embarrassing parodies of his sermons. There’s a disgruntled ex-employee to explore, but the pastor’s vast organization may hide other possibilities. Ellin has arranged for Camden to be a guest on the PSN‘s Ready to Believe show with brothers Sean and Geoff Snyder, popular on the talk show circuit for exposing fake psychics and revealing their trade secrets. However, a handshake between them and Cam offers disturbing insights past, present, and future. Cam shared on air the personal information he gleaned from the physical touch, and the brothers are shocked he knew any of it. But, will they heed Cam’s warning that one of them is in grave danger?    

Brilliant! Jane Tesh’s eighth book in her Grace Street Mystery series is quite the exciting read. I worried starting this far into the series might be daunting for newbies, like me, but skimming the available synopses and the author revisiting background and connections got me up to speed. Good friends. A psychic twist. Sci-fi costumes. Clever mystery. Loved it! Camden’s psychic talents, however debilitating, and Randall’s inner voice and dreams of his late daughter, however curious, are fascinating elements. The victim’s connections to the sci-fi/fantasy convention, selling books and debunking various paranormal ideas, make for a long list of suspects to interview, and the investigation and engaging scenes deal with the convention venue and some quirky, often costumed, characters: disgruntled victims of the Snyders’ attacks, disruptive superheroes, the three Enforcettes, long held grudges, egos, and an artist of graphic paintings. Complicating the drama and upping my enjoyment is an additional murder, a Klingon scrutinized by the police, pregnancy hormones on display, and an overlap between the two cases with a surprising revelation. The complex mystery challenged my inner Sherlock with so many twists and “oh, my” details, but with characters having realistic strengths and flaws (and fun costumes) and some karmic justice, I’m definitely inspired to read more.

Goodreads List—Grace Street Mystery series

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Jane Tesh is quite an eclectic author, all on the light side with humor and romance. Along with this Grace Street Mystery Series featuring PI David Randall, his psychic friend, Randall’s love interest, and his friend’s career-driven girlfriend, she has the multiple book Madeline Maclin Series featuring former beauty queen, Madeline “Mac” Maclin, along with her con man husband Jerry Fairweather, and a few fantasy novels.

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Kathleen Costa is a long-time resident of the Central Valley, and although born in Idaho, she considers herself a “California Girl.” Graduating from CSU-Sacramento, she is a 35+ year veteran teacher having taught in grades 1-8 in schools from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Stockton to Lodi. Currently Kathleen is enjoying her retirement revitalizing hobbies along with exploring writing, reading for pleasure, and spending 24/7 with her husband.
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